Trojan War: The Preparation I

Ok recap:
Judgment of Paris- Paris awarded the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite as the Fairest of All. Paris won Helen and the wrath of two powerful goddesses.
Helen: Helen’s background, the suitor’s military alliance deal, her decision to left with Paris.

To war:

Oracle of Delphi
With Helen gone, Menelaus (most likely his brother Agamemnon) called upon Helen's former suitors to fulfill their duties and aid him in bringing her back. All of the former suitors answered Menelaus' call to arms, bringing large number of men and ships with them. Menelaus' brother, Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, had brought 100 ships with him. Agamemnon became commander-in-chief of the Greek forces. Agamemnon always wanted to conquer Troy and its surrounding neighbors for his kingdom. Helen provided the spark that started the war.
Agamemnon and Menelaus learned from the Greek seer Calchas that Troy could not fall without two great warriors, Achilles and Odysseus.

Odysseus, King of Ithaca
King Odysseus was the son of Laertes, late King of Ithaca and descendant of Hermes, Messenger of Zeus. Odysseus was renowned for his wisdom, persuasive, cunning and resourcefulness.
Odysseus wanted to avoid being recruited into the Greek army, because he had had only recently married Penelope, the daughter of Icarius and cousin to Helen of Sparta. They had a baby boy named Telemachus.
When Menelaus, Nestor and Palemedes arrived to draft Odysseus, the hero pretended to be nuts. Odysseus would plough the field with a horse and an ox, wearing a madman cap. Odysseus sowed the field with salts.
Palemedes, the son of Nauplius, was the just as shrewd and cunning and Agamemnon have his head should he fail. Palemedes snatched the infant from Penelope's breast, and place the baby in front of the approaching plough. Odysseus had to steer the plough-team aside, to avoid trampling his son. Palemedes had exposed Odysseus' feigned madness.
Odysseus had no choice but to join the army. Odysseus gathered his warriors, taking only twelve ships from the islands of Ithaca.
However, Odysseus never forgave Palemedes for exposing and drafting him into the army. When they reached Troy, Odysseus was to exact revenge upon Palemedes.

Achilles was the son of King Peleus and of Thetis. The wise Centaur Chiron brought up Achilles, where he learned to hunt and fight in the forest around Mount Pelion. This is also where he meet Patroclus, his best friend and boyfriend.
Thetis was not only a sea goddess; she was also gifted with oracular power, like many sea deities. Thetis saw that her son would win great glory in the war, but she knew the price, was a short life. But Achilles had choice on what his fate will be. Achilles could choose not to go to the war, where he will live a long but obscure life of tending his father's herd. Thetis was determined that her son will have a long life. To hide Achilles, she dressed the youth in a girl dress and made his hair grew long, before spirited him away to the women quarters at the court of Lycomedes in Isle of Scyrus.
During his stay in Lycomedes' court, Deidameia, the king's daughter, fell in love with him. Deidameia bore a son, named Neoptolemus, to Achilles. Neoptolemus would later participate in the final year of the war.
Menelaus, Ajax and Odysseus then went to recruit Achilles into the army, so they sailed to the island of Scyrus. However, the disguise Thetis used on her son was perfect. Odysseus used his cunning and resourcefulness to uncover Achilles' disguise.
Odysseus brought many gifts for the women in Lycomedes' court, such as beautiful dresses and robes, jewelry and perfumes. Also among the gifts were spears, swords and shields.
Odysseus knew Achilles would not fall for the weapons. He and Ajax tried appeal to Achilles’ inner slut and it worked. Why? Achilles was immune to pain: and no doubt his skin could ward off any weapon; he could never be defeated in battle. Achilles’ mother had blessed him with divine protection; and had cursed him as well; for not only could his skin feel no pain; it could feel no pleasure either. Achilles would never know the joys of a tender kiss; of a lover’s arms and a goodnight a lover’s arms and a goodnight hug; the pleasure of sex except for being fuck in the ass. His outer body was immune to both pleasure and pain: what mother could inflict such horror on her son? But his inner body knew no such protection hence he could enjoy a good fuck.
Once discovered, Achilles eagerly joined the army, because he preferred a short but glorious life than a long but oblivious life of a farmer. Achilles returned to his father's kingdom, Phthia, where he received warriors and fifty ships, from his father. The warriors were the legendary Myrmidons, originally from the island of Aegina.
Achilles received the magical armor of Peleus, which was a wedding gift to his father, made by the smith god, Hephaestus. Peleus also gave his magic sword to his son, as well as his chariot drawn by two immortal horses, Xanthus and Balius. Chiron gave Achilles a long javelin, made from ash tree of Mount Pelion.
Before Achilles left for Troy, Thetis appeared before her son warned him to avoid killing Tenes, son of Apollo and king of the island of Tendos, or else he would later die at the sun god's hand. Her other prophecy warned Achilles not to be the first Greek to jump on Trojan soil, or else he would be the first to die.
Guess which Achilles pays attention to.


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