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Anubis God of Burial and Embalming God of Cemeteries and Mummification Keeper of the Ways of Death Guide of the Underworld Opener of the Way Friend of the dead Anubis was a deity that could be seen throughout all of ancient Egypt. The name of this god is traditionally spelled (Inpu). The name here is read left to right, with an abbreviated image of Anubis finishing. Often, as with many of Egypt’s deities, the spelling of the name changes but one characteristic stays the same: the jackal at the end. In some cases the jackal is raised up on a pedestal to show its holy importance. Anubis is commonly seen as a Jackal. It’s believed that the jackal was chosen as the iconic figure for this deity due to the necropolis where the wild dogs of ancient times would often prowl to hunt for food. Some say that Anubis took the form of a jackal to help Isis and Nephthys search for the pieces of Osiris’s body. According to legend, and the story does vary, the brother of Osiris, Seth, lured Osiris into…

The Inspiration of the Muses

Today is Patriot’s Day  and National Day of Service and Remembrance in the US. Today is designated in memory of the 2,977 killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. I was inspire to bring the Muses to honor the memory of the fallen lives.

The Muses The Great Choir and DJ of Mount Olympus Goddesses of Poetry and Literature Goddesses of Science and the Arts Goddesses of Inspiration The Muses are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. They inspired and presided over several creative arts. Muse usually means inspiration, either for an artist or poets, and people would pray to the Muses for inspiration. As the gods celebrate, the Muses play music that sounds like anything you want, so no one argues about the music. Meet the Muses: Calliope Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry. Some accounts say Calliope was the lover of the war god Ares, and bore him several sons. Calliope also had two famous sons, Orpheus and Linus, by either Apollo or the king Oeagrus of Thrace. She taught Orpheus many …

Sage of the Ancient World

School officially start today. One of the mythology greatest teacher is Chiron 
Chiron Trainer of Heroes Father of the Healing Arts
Chiron is last son of Kronos, who was in the form of a horse at the time. He was born from Kronos and the nymph Philyra. He was half-horse because Kronos was half-horse when he was with Philyra. His mother, Philyra abandoned him at birth because of her disgust at his appearance. Later the sun Titan, Helios, and his family took care of the child and taught him all his skills. Chiron is not a true centaur, as centaurs are notorious for being overly indulgent drinkers and carousers, given to violence when intoxicated, wild, lusty, and generally uncultured delinquents. Chiron, by contrast, is intelligent, civilized, and kind. Also, true centaurs are born of sun and cloud (Ixion and Nephele), and are not immortal. However, Chiron gained his immortality from the Olympians as a reward for side with them in the Titan War. Throughout the Greek age, Chiron is know…

The Labor of Ogun

Happy Labor's Day to you all  
Ogun War leader of the Orisha God of Iron and Technology God of Leadership and Revolution Patron God of Crafts, Labor and Humanity In the Yoruba religion in West Africa, Ogun is the war leader of the Orisha, a fierce and indomitable fighter with a mind and fist of iron. He represents a cool head and reliable leadership on the battlefield, but at the same time also embodies the insane bloodlust of war and violence. As one of the very first of the Orisha to descend to the world, he is a leader among his people and the patron god of industry and craft, a metal-worker of great skill and the god of iron as well as one of the most highly-praised hunters among the Orisha.  Unlike many of his brethren, Ogun is known to occasionally receive blood sacrifices, which are offered to him to ensure that he continues to provide the bounty of the hunt and the harsh but fair judgment that governs the lives of mankind. In modern African courts, those who worship Ogu…