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Happy Father's Day

Here is some of the Father Gods of the Ancient World
Ra Egyptian sun god can be likened unto the Christian God, as a supreme deity and creator. He created the 8 great gods and the human race came from his tears.  Ra is usually depicted as a human with a falcon or a ram head. The sun was either his eye or his body. He traveled the sky every day, passing over the lands and then going into the underworld. Because of this legend, he is considered to be the god of the underworld.  Ra is stated to be the "heart" of the Egyptian gods and, by extension, the entire universe. Even if the others do not acknowledge it or possibly don’t even know it as Isis presumably didn’t know the consequences, without Ra, the rest of the gods would eventually fade into nothingness. Ra is the most powerful among all the other gods and is only contested by Apophis in power and might. As the god of creation and renewal, he is able to replenish energy and give vitality by just his presence.
Zeus Zeus is t…

Power of Love

In what police are calling the worst shooting in American history, a lone gunman killed 49 people and injured at least 53 others after opening fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Officials have identified Omar Mateen as the shooter who killed 49 people and left at least 53 injured at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday.Mateen, an American citizen in his 20s, acted alone and “very quickly” when he opened fire with what officials described as an assault rifle. At 2 a.m., Mateen entered the club with an AR-15-type assault rifle. He began shooting, and at one point entered a gunfight with an armed, off-duty officer. Mateen left the building, and then went back in, where the violence turned into a hostage situation Around 5 a.m., authorities decided to attempt to rescue the hostages, leading to a gunfire exchange that ended in the suspect’s death, Mina said. The type of gun Mateen used is the same legally obtainable weapon used in the Newtown massacre, the Colorado Theater…