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Merry Christmas

I am so sorry I haven't update my blog a while I have battle a nasty case of flu, new job and my brother's baby mother drama.
I am going to blog every week with a mixture myths of old and lesson of their meaning with the issues and problems of today. 
Some celebrities' fakes
And oh course hot fucking men
 Happy Holidays

The Economic Impact of Gay Marriage: A $2.5 Billion Question


The Real Sleeping Beauty

There once lived a great lord, who was blessed with the birth of a daughter, whom he named Talia. He sent for the wise men and astrologers (later replace by the fairies) in his lands, to predict her future. They met, counseled together, and cast her horoscope, and at length they came to the conclusion that she would incur great danger from a splinter of flax. Her father therefore forbade that any flax, hemp, or any other material of that sort be brought into his house, so that she should escape the predestined danger.
One day, when Talia had grown into a young and beautiful lady, she was looking out of a window, when she beheld passing that way an old woman, who was spinning. Talia, never having seen a distaff or a spindle, was pleased to see the twirling spindle, and she was as curious as to what thing it was, that she asked the old woman to come to her. Taking the distaff from her hand, she began to stretch the flax. Unfortunately, Talia ran a splinter of flax under her nail, and s…

Black Art: Necromancy

The blackest and most dangerous of all the black arts is undoubtedly necromancy, the ancient method of communication with the dead. The art of raising the dead and controlling their spirits takes its name from Greek words meaning "dead" and "divination". Necromancers could animate corpses, summon specters, take information from the brain of a corpse, switch bodies, etc. Among other things necromancy includes reanimating the dead. Necromancy can be divided into two main branches:

DivinationCharms Divination can be by means of ghosts and divination from corpses.
The second method leads to the disinterment of corpses and rifling of graves for grisly charms which magicians and witches consider necessary for the effective performance of the magical arts.
Necromancy is a  universal practice of great antiquity, only the profoundly initiated, brave and single-minded magician has any chance of success in such a venture, always considered to be extremely dangerous, for not o…

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, here is some eye candy for you.

"Voodoo Secrets" - Full Documentary


The Gift of Sight

Divination Divination is simply the use of an object or objects to learn answers to questions or to see an event or events which are not perceptible to the average person. Witches and/or magicians who are born with the rare natural gift for prophecy are known as Seers, who can foresee the future with their Inner Eye. Non-Seers can learn divination methods, but their success varies. User can employ divination, a method of reading the future, the present and the past and/or provide help to a problem at hand by using a cultic, standardized process or ritual. Divination can be achieved by communicating with the supernatural (i.e. gods, demons, spirits, and nymphs) or just by reading certain patterns. Prophecy A prophet (oracle) is an individual who is claimed to have been contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and to speak for them, serving as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other people. The message that the prophe…

Sympathetic Magic

Sympathetic magic is a specific magical paranormal belief that similar objects affect each other. (This concept is often phrased as "like affects like," as in homeopathy.) Anthropologically speaking, this is apparently one of the most common and most primitive forms of magical belief, found in communities and cultures all over the world. An easy example of sympathetic magic is the Haitian tradition of the voodoo doll, more properly known as a "poppet" or "puppet." The magician (termed "houngan," in this case) will prepare an image of the target and will do various things to the image, in the hopes/belief that this will cause similar things to happen to the image (for example, "causing pain" to the voodoo doll, for example, by sticking pins into it (an ex perhaps), should cause equivalent pain to the target. However, while this is the most commonly known form due to popular culture, most sympathetic magic in voodoo is directed toward he…

In this night and time I call upon an ancient Power

I am introducing the theme of October which magic and it's main host: Lady Hekate, Greek Goddess of the Dark Moon and Magic. 
I will also feature: Hades: Greek Ruler of the Underworld Thoth: Egyptian God of  Wisdom, Magic, and Writing
What is Magic? Magic is the power to affect change by supernatural means. Magic can often be split into black and white, though depending on the situation, may also be neutral. All humans are connected to this power and may access it through practice and training. Whilst everyone has the ability to cast spells and perform other feats of magic, witches generally have more knowledge over the mystical energy and supernatural forces that permeates the entire universe. Humans who practices magical powers are called "witches." The origin of witchcraft remains unknown; however, it is known that witches have existed for many millennia, passing down their knowledge and skills through generations of family lines. Contrary to popular belief, not all w…

Season of Autnmn

The Dryads and Hamadryads were Wood-nymphs. Among them was Pomona, and no one excelled her in love of the garden and the culture of fruit. She cared not for forests and rivers (like her sisters), but loved the cultivated country and trees that bear delicious apples. Her right hand is armed with a pruning knife. Armed with this, she worked at one time, to repress the too dense growths, and curtail the branches that straggled out of place; at another, to split the twig and insert therein a graft, making the branch adopt a nursling not its own. She took care, too, that her favorites should not suffer from drought, and irrigated streams of water so the thirsty roots might drink. This occupation was her pursuit, her passion; and she was free from that which Venus inspires. She was not without fear of the country people, and kept her orchard locked, and allowed not men to enter. Pomona wasn't stupid, she know about the sexual acts and behaviors of satyrs and countrymen and she want par…