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Humanity's Heroes I

I want to thank the people uniting together during and after the Hurricane Irene. I dedicated this post to Prometheus. father of humanity  

Prometheus is the Titan God of Forethought and Crafty counsel and Benefactor of Mankind. He is the son of Titan Iapetus and Titaness Themis or Oceanid Clymene. Among his brothers there are the Titan General Atlas and Titan of the Past and History, Epimetheus. This means he is the cousin of Lord Zeus and his siblings. When Zeus and siblings rose against his father, Cronus, and wanted to become the supreme ruler of the gods, Iapetus and the other Titans sided with Cronus, but Prometheus the Titan and his brother Epimetheus took Zeus's side. He is the benefactor of mankind. According to some, Prometheus (the "forethought") and his brother Epimetheus (the "afterthought") had to give different abilities to the animals and to man. Epimetheus was in charge with abilities to animals and Prometheus was in charge to gave a…

Public News

Sorry that it not about myths but you all need to know what goes on in the Criminal Justice System involving immigrants.

Huffington Post

LOS ANGELES -- At dawn on July 19, nearly 40 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Immigration (HSI) agents burst into the home home of Carmen Bonilla, 44. The agents were searching for "Robert" an alleged drug dealer, but ended up terrifying Bonilla and her son Michael, 16, daughter Josefina, 23, daughter-in-law Leticia, 28, and two of her granddaughters. According to Jessica Dominguez, the family's lawyer, and Jorge Mario Cabrera, spokesperson of the Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), the family was subjected to "different levels of physical and verbal abuse," including screaming, "kicking, beating and aggression." Their treatment was documented last week by HuffPost LatinoVoices' Jorge Luis MacĂ­as. What happened to the Bonillas has happened to thousands of imm…

Shower of Gold

Tonight the Perseid shower suppose show and here is a video about the man behind the shower

Talents of Lugh

Today or yesterday was Lughnasa. Its honor Lugh God of Light and  August was his sacred month.  Lugh is an Irish deity and associated with the sun connect the Greek God Apollo. He is also known by the names Lleu, Llew and Lugh the Many Skilled. Often connected to the Roman god Mercury, he is God of Skills and Crafts. He is also seen as a warrior, although he is not actually a God of War such as the Roman Great God Mars. The warrior connection comes through his skill with a spear and sling which earned him another title, Lamhfhada, meaning 'Long hand'. He is also known as Samh-Ildanach, 'equally skilled in many arts'. He is depicted as eternally youthful, strong, brave, handsome and brimming with energy. This gave him yet another name, that of 'Macnia', boy hero. He is famous enough that even Julius Caesar commented on his influence amongst the peoples of Celtic Britain. Lugh is known as a hero but also as a High King and, after the death of the God Nuada durin…