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Goodbye 2016

Top Reasons 2016 is one hell of a year
Brexit Brexit is an abbreviation for "British exit," which refers to the June 23, 2016, referendum whereby British citizens voted to exit the European Union. The referendum roiled global markets, including currencies, causing the British pound to fall to its lowest level in decades. UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who supported the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union, resigned on July 13 as a result. Home Secretary Theresa May, leader of the Conservative Party, became Prime Minister, who has to deal with this crisis. Projections differ significantly over the precise economic effect, but there is a consensus that leaving would hurt Britain financially, at least in the short term. Without access to the union’s open markets, Britain would probably lose trade and investment. And while the influx of migrant workers has created anxiety over British culture and identity, losing that labor force could lead to lower productivity, slo…

Merry Christmas


Shine through the darkness

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! I hope these example of the Sun God from different mythos around the world would brighten your day and chase away the darkness (Trump).

Ra is a former pharaoh of the Egyptian gods and the most powerful god in existence. He has four aspects: Khepri as the morning god, Ra as the day god, Khnum as the evening god, and Atum as the afternoon god. To the ancient Egyptians, he represented light, warmth, and growth making him an important god and ruling over all the other gods, humans, etc. The myths of Ra represent the sunrise as the rebirth of the sun by the sky goddess Nut, thus attributing the concept of rebirth and renewal to Ra and strengthening his role as a creator god. Ra is a Protogenos (god that emerged directly from chaos).
Šamaš/Shamash (Sumerian Utu) is the Mesopotamian God of the Sun. He brings light and warmth to the land, allowing plants and crops to grow. At sunrise Shamash was known to emerge from his underground sleeping chamber and take a da…

Twas The Night Before Trumpmas by Lady Bunny


Hestia's Tips for Surviving Christmas

The Goddess of Hearth and Home, Hestia, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and want to share some helpful tips for a great festival season without too much drama. 

Everything in moderation
Christmas seems to be all about excess thanks traditions and the media – but there is not much enjoyment in feeling the size of a padded Santa suit or as stuffed as the festive turkey! The best advice is moderation – apply it to everything you eat and drink. Drink moderate amounts of alcohol and try to alternate soft drinks or water with alcoholic ones. As for food, have a bit of what you fancy but try not to stuff your face if you can helped it!
Don’t over-inflate your expectations
Don’t expect to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas as it’s near likely to fall short of your expectations. The most important thing is for you and your family to have fun. That does not mean landing yourself in debt from credit cards and/or store credits for the next 12 months by buying expensive gifts – just spending a bit of …

World AID Day: Myth Buster

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the immune system. HIV can cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), a disease that severely weakens immunity and can be fatal. One person passes HIV to another under certain circumstances. Understanding the facts rather than buying into lingering myths about transmission can prevent misinformation — and HIV —from spreading. There is still no cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS, which affects approximately 37 million people around the world. But there is reason to hope that the global response to this pandemic is improving.  Fewer people died of HIV in 2015 than at any point in almost 20 years, while new HIV infections are at the lowest point since 1991, the World Health Organization noted in its 2016 progress report. That may be, in part, because at least two million new people began taking antiretroviral therapy in 2015, the largest annual increase ever in the history of the disease. 
So this weekend I'm doing AIDS wee…

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and friends
Here some of popular gods of the harvest from around the world. 
Demeter (Greek) is the Goddess of the Green Earth, fertile land, grains, fruit, agriculture and the harvest. She is the sister to Zeus and mother of Persephone. She also presided over the cycle of the Seasons. She is responsible for feeding the earth and its inhabitants!The Goddess Demeter was beloved for her service to mankind in giving them the gift of the harvest, the reward for cultivation of the soil.
Dagon (Semitic): Worshipped by an early Semitic tribe called the Amorites, Dagon was a god of fertility and agriculture. He's also mentioned as a father-deity type in early Sumerian texts and sometimes appears as a fish god. Dagon is credited with giving the Amorites the knowledge to build the plough. Dagon was the principal deity of the Philistines, whose ancestors migrated to Palestinian shores from Crete. He was the god of fertility and crops. Dagon also figured p…

Roll call of the War Gods

War and strife have never been far from human society. For the ancients, war was a way of life, and its varied expressions and nuances determined a host of patron deities. There’s a misconception among many that functions of gods and goddesses were attributed to a single aspect or purpose. It is true that Gods and Goddesses were known for specific roles that involved their skills, but what's blown out of proportion are stories about a single purpose deity not connecting with other aspects of warfare. Gods and Goddesses have been associated with a specific order for their expertise at a particular craft. This article showcases a list of some of the most powerful Gods and Goddesses of war from world mythology. I invoke these gods to combat Trump's presidency in near future and protect the average citizens from his regime of madness.
Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare. Her warfare was the tactical warfare that calculated each move carefully with strategic strikes i…