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Politic: 2012 Edition

If you were not planning not to vote at the 2012 election you NEED to reconsider. Because the fate of porn rest in your hands.
Republican Presidential front-runner, Mitt Romney, may hold the most unpopular stance in American history: he wants to ban as much porn as he can. A 2007 video of Romney promising to place porn filters on every new computer have resurfacedafter his legal adviser“assured” President Reagan’s anti-porn legal crusader that Romney sticks by his pledge to curtail porn and resumes prosecution under latent federal obscenity laws. “Computer pornography has given new meaning to the words ‘home invasion,’”Romney saidat a 2007 Values Voter summit, “If I am President, I will work to make sure that every computer sold into the home has an easy to engage pornography filter so that every parent can protect their child from unwanted filth.” Federal obscenity laws used to prosecute porn moguls, such asHustler’s Larry Flynt, have largelybeen limited to child pornographysince th…

Raiders of the Sea I

Meet the Pirate Captain: the Black Wade