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Fall Equinox: Ra's fall and the Price for power

It is the beginning of Fall when the darkness of the night increase as the light of day decrease. This remind me of the Egyptian story of Ra and his ascension to the heavens.
After sometime, Ra, who while ruling the gods and traveling in the sky with his Eye, Bast and his lieutenant, the chaotic deity Set, became forgetful and senile. Though the gods doubted Ra's capabilities to become their king, none were brave, or clever enough to take the position from him without falling into the influence of Chaos. Then came the goddess Isis, who, with her other sibling were reborn again, were now a couple. Isis, who was cleverer than a million men and knew almost all secrets of the Earth, was impatient of Ra voluntarily retiring, formulated of a way to make her husband, Osiris become the king of gods. So Isis, Goddess of Magic and Motherhood, tricked Ra into telling her his Secret Name. As Ra descended during the night, Isis slipped the snake into his resting place that she had created by …

Happy Labor's Day

Ptah is the chief god of the ancient city of Memphis. He was a creator god who brought all things to being by thinking of them with his mind and saying their names with his tongue. He was unique amongst Egyptian creation gods in that his methods were intellectual, rather than physical. According to the priests of Memphis, everything is the work of Ptah's heart and tongue: gods are born, towns are founded, and order is maintained. Ptah was also the patron God of Craftsmen, the later is probably correct. He was a patron of the arts, protector of skilled stonecutters, sculptors, blacksmiths, architects, boat builders, artists and craftsmen. His high priest was given the title wr khrp hmw, 'Great Leader of Craftsmen', and his priests were probably linked to the different crafts. As a craftsman, Ptah was said to have carved the divine bodies of the royalty. Ptah invented masonry and that it was he who crafted the boats that the dead used to travel to the Duat.
Hephaestus is the …