May the Fates guide you

The Fates were even more powerful than the gods, though this did not stop the gods from trying. The ancient Greeks believed that many aspects of a person’s life were determined by the three mythical women known as Fates. They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death. They were independent, at the helm of necessity, directed fate, and watched that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws might take its course without obstruction. These were three sister goddesses that appeared in Greek and Roman mythology and were believed to have “spun out” a child’s destiny at birth.  They determined when life began, when it ended, and everything in between.  At the birth of each man they appeared spinning, measuring, and cutting the thread of life.  The gods and men had to submit to them, but in the case of Zeus he is portrayed in two ways: as the only one who can command them (the Zeus Moiragetes) or as the one who is also bound to the Fates as incarna…

Happy New Year

Happy New Year  Starting this saturday I'll be update every saturday on the theme of the months

2018: What a year

Chronus; God of Time highlight some of the events that going on in the world.

Good 2018

Hundreds of teachers went on strike
Teachers protested low pay and substandard working conditions early this year in states such as West Virginia, Oklahoma and Arizona ― and some even got what they wanted. Teachers need go pay and the students/teachers ratio need to reasonable 1 to 15 - 20 sounds good to me.

The Winter Olympics occurred
Athletes from 92 countries turned up last winter to ski, skate, snowboard, sled and curl in PyeongChang, South Korea. Norway won the most medals, with Germany and Canada coming in second and third and the U.S. in fourth. Because of systemic doping at previous games, Russian athletes were barred from competing under their flag and placed 13th.

The Brits made a ‘baby Trump’ blimp, complete with a diaper and an iPhone.
On a summer visit to the U.K., the U.S. leader skirted the capital, where huge protests were staged against him. Trump described his travel plans thus:…

Happy Winter Solstice

Because winter is the darkest time of the year, the winter solstice has long been a time of great celebration, heralding the return of light to the world. Ancient cultures throughout the world and history have held celebrations of this time, most of them of days or even weeks duration.

Yule In Scandinavia, the party lasted from Dec. 21 into January. In many places, a sacrifice was made at the end of the festival on Mid-Winter Night, (Jan. 12). The sacrifice was originally probably human, (accounts say that Swedish Kings sacrificed male slaves every 9th year, for example), but became a boar, (think "Boar's Head Carol"). Germanic peoples celebrated the holiday from Dec.-Jan. on a date chosen by their lunar calendar. Records also reflect that the holiday was celebrated in Iceland.

The root of the word is the same as the root of the word "jolly" and other traditions based in Yule include decorating fir trees, hanging mistletoe and holly and giving gifts. (We owe a…

Bernie Sanders On TYT: Fate Of Country Is At Stake


Halloween Special: H. P. Lovecraft


Depiction of Hades

Hades is one of my favorite gods and here is some of my problem with depiction of Hades over the years (looking at your Hollywood).

Why does Hades dislike heroes, you may ask? Because they are always little fuckin bitches to him, that’s why. Theseus and Pirithous went to go and steal his wife. Main reason for this so they can marry the daughter.  That isn’t a friendly thing to do! Mortals daring to compare themselves with the gods. blasphemy!!!  They go into the fuckin Underworld, they know the fuckin house rules - it’s for dead people ONLY, the upper world is for living people, that’s a no brainer. So Pirithous paid with his life and Theseus, with the help of Herakles went crying away back upstairs. But that’s not the end of Hades’ hero woes. The motherfuckers just don’t give up! Amphiaraus fell through his freak ‘in ceiling (check the story here it's interesting), Orpheus came to get back his wife (but Hades kind of liked him cause he was polite and played nice music) and Aeneas…