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Happy Birthday Viagra

Today is anniversary of creation of Viagra. For those who don’t know Viagra (generic name sildenafil) is a medication used to treat men who have trouble getting an erection, a condition called erectile dysfunction or impotence. Viagra will not help delay ejaculation. Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis. With sexual stimulation, this causes an erection. You won't get an erection by simply taking a Viagra pill. Viagra improves the ability to have erections in about 80 percent of the men who take it. Viagra help straight men get into gay porn industry and reduce the time it takes to make a gay porn movie. I am honoring this pill with a god that is normal associate with a raging hard on, Priapus. Priapus is the Greek fertility god and also the God of Male Fertility and Erection. He is best known for his large and permanently erect phallus. He is the son of Aphrodite, but there's some question as to whether his father is? The candidates are Pan, Zeus, Hermes, or one o…

The Power of Ma'at

We as human beings been wonder about what is Law and Justice? To answer the question I have to lead you to one of the first conception of Law, Order, and Justice and Her name is the Goddess Ma'at
Although the Goddess was often personified, Ma´at is perhaps best understood as a conception, rather than a goddess, but she was central to the understanding of the universe, balance and divine order in Ancient Egypt. Her name Ma´at is generally translated as "that which is straight" or "truth" but also implies "order", "balance" and "justice". Thus Ma´at personified perfect order and harmony. She came into being when Sun God Ra rose from the waters of Nun (Chaos) and so she is the first child of Ra. She is sometimes married to Thoth because he is the God of Wisdom. This Goddess helped the Ra steer his boat across the sky each day, guiding his direction. The ancient Egyptians believed that the universe was ordered and rational which they …

Happy St. Patrick



Many festivals of Dionysus were held in ancient Greece; this article concerns the major Dionysian festival known as Great Dionysia or City Dionysia. This festival is highly significant as the origin of dramatic tragedy and comedy.  The Great Dionysia was founded, or at least revived, by the tyrant Pisistratus (c. 530 BCE). It was held in Athens at the end of March, when the city was once again full of visitors after the winter. The festival honored Dionysus Eleuthereus, who was said to have been introduced into Athens from the village of Eleuterae, a town on the border between Attica and Boeotia, had chosen to become part of Attica. The Eleuthereans brought a statue of Dionysus to Athens, which was initially rejected by the Athenians. Dionysus then punished the Athenians with a plague affecting the male genitalia, which was cured when the Athenians accepted the cult of Dionysus. This was recalled each year by a procession of citizens carrying phalloi. The theatrical contents took pla…