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Question: What is Love?

What is love? Since ancient times, the aspects of this multi-faceted emotion have been expressed through the many love gods and goddesses throughout the world. Today, the major world religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) think in terms of 'one god', but in ancient times many gods and goddesses featured in religions of all cultures. Even the Roman Catholic Church still has a pantheon of saints, each responsible for a particular area of life. This is a remnant of the belief that the different deities and their powers were a reflection of mortal life and its aspects upon a higher scale. The mythical lives of the gods and goddess dealt with mortal issues upon an immortal playing field; love, marriage, death, fertility, war, loss, argument, jealousy and so on, and so humanity learned about itself by observing the ways of the gods. The diversity of love deities is a prime example of the mortal need to understand that there are different ways of caring; they demonstrate the v…