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Pompeii: Roman Sodom and Gomorrah?en

Some writers speculate that Pompeii was the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, and the destruction of the city was divine and forthcoming. This is due to the fact Rome have sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple of Solomon. Some Christian tourists even today often don't visit this wonderful and colorful part of history because of the sexual nature of the ruins.
Imagine living in one of the richest city of ancient times. Resources are bountiful and life is grand. Every amenity and luxury surrounds you, and unlike in other cities during this time, simple plumbing, plenty of food and other convenience is everywhere. Such was the life for those who lived in Pompeii, Italy in the late part of 70 AD. There was even ancient pornography and gentlemen entertainment, brothel houses to suit every taste.
It was a town full of aristocrats and artisans. Artisans, who were previously slaves, gained freedom in Pompeii and became wealthy merchants. Pompeii was a place for the super-rich! Pompeii is the …

The Anniversary of Pompeii's Destruction

Mount Vesuvius, a volcano near the Bay of Naples in Italy, is hundreds of thousands of years old and has erupted more than 50 times. It’s most famous eruption took place in August 24 or 25, 79 A.D., when the volcano buried the ancient Roman city of Pompeii under a thick carpet of volcanic ash.  The irony thing is that it occur a few day after the Festival of Vulcan, the God of Fire and Volcano. The dust “poured across the land” like a flood, one witness wrote, and shrouded the city in darkness…like the black of closed and unlighted rooms.” Eleven hundred people died, and the city was abandoned for almost as many years. When a group of explorers rediscovered the site in 1748, they were surprised to find that--underneath a thick layer of dust and debris--Pompeii was mostly intact. The buildings, artifacts and skeletons left behind in the buried city have taught us a great deal about everyday life in the ancient world. Pompeii’s patron deity was Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty…

Enter of the Forest of the Satyrs

I had a dream lately of strong man in the forest at night invite me to party to worship Dionysus. I followed him to party and I saw paradise of pleasure.    Satyrs Satyrs are the male force of nature.The Satyr has its history in both Greek and Roman mythology. In Roman they are also known as Faunus, or Fauns, but both have many of the same attributes. They are defined as having a human upper body, where the lower body is that of a goat with a long thick goat tail. They also often are shown with having goat like ears and horns. They are often shown in art as having strong features with flat noses, full beards, long pointed ears and long curly hair. They often carry a rod tipped with a pinecone called a Thyrsus.
More recent stories has the Satyr looking more and more human, so that only the horns and the tail remains to reveal that they are indeed a Satyr. Satyrs are an idle and lusty race. They are shown to be generally wild and carefree, often drinking, playing music and dancing. They are…

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Birth of Perseus II

Now we pause our story to visit the fair land of Joppa, Ethiopia. Here is the kingdom of the Ethiopian is ruled by King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia wasn't exactly the smart woman (Sarah Palin of the Ancient Greece), and boasted that she and Andromeda, her daughter, were more beautiful than the Nereids. This didn't make the Nereids too happy and they complained about the insult to their lord, Poseidon, Lord of the Sea. Poseidon wasn't very pleased about the lack of respect shown his subjects, and sent a flood and a female sea-monster to wreck havoc on the country. Cepheus consulted the Oracle of Zeus, who told him to sacrifice a young woman. For a while he sacrificed the daughters of others, but eventually the time came when Andromeda, his own daughter was chosen. He didn't want to consign his daughter to death, but he didn't have much choice, because the monster was returning. Therefore, he left her chained to a rock jutting from the sea; she was naked…

Birth of Perseus I

The Perseid Shower can seen from Midnight to dawn of Sunday, August 12, 2012. So I am writing about Perseus whom the meteor shower is named after. I am also dispelling the lies that Clash of the Titan (2010 version) about Perseus and Andromeda. The story begins before the birth of either Andromeda or Perseus. In the land of Argolis there was a great warrior-king named Abas. His grandfather, Acrisius, king of Argos, had a twin brother named Proetus. Talk about sibling rivalry! Acrisius and Proetus were enemies even before their birth. While still inside their mother's womb, the two brothers began their lifelong quarreling. The two brothers were supposed to grow up to rule Argos (a city in southern Greece) together. But as soon as they reached manhood, Acrisius and Proetus fought for the throne of Argos. The brothers agreed to split the kingdom up; Acrisius got Argos and Proetus got the rest. Acrisius, married to Aganippe, had no sons but did father the child, the beautiful Danae. He …