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Thank the Gods and you all

President Barack Obama is reelected as President of the United State. 
I just want to say thank you for voting. 


Today is Election Day and your chance to vote to keep President Obama or get two faced Mitt Romney.
President Obama
Healthcare Signed the 2010 healthcare overhaul bill. Calls for patient protections like allowing coverage for pre-existing conditions, not letting insurers cancel policies when patients get sick, and requiring individuals to buy health insurance or pay a fine.
Immigration Supports a path to legalization for illegal immigrants that includes learning English and paying fines; toughen penalties for hiring illegal immigrants; voted for fence along Mexican border.
Energy Wants to create a 5-year, $50 billion project for energy and climate change to finance research into discovering alternative energy sources and developing technologies. Opposes domestic drilling offshore and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Supports a mandatory cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon emissions. Opposes Keystone XL pipeline.
Foreign Policy Refocusing on the Threat from al Qaeda in Afghan…