Trojan War: The Beginning I

I was watching the movie Troy. I was mad about it really messing up the Trojan War. If producers want to make a story of the Trojan War they should make a T.V. series of it like Spartacus. I am writing or blogging the Trojan War in series.

The Trojan War

Queen Hecuba of Troy woke in the middle of the night from a terrifying dream in which she gave birth to a burning torch. Consulting the oracles, she was told that her child would be the ruin of his country. After the boy, Paris, was born, her husband King Priam reluctantly commanded the child to be slain. Unable to do the dirty work, the King gave the child to a shepherd who also didn't have the heart to touch the child, but instead exposed it on the slopes of Mount Ida to die of starvation, as was the custom in those days.

Prince Paris of Troy 
A she-bear suckled the child, and when the shepherd returned, saw the boy still alive. He took the boy home and raised him as his own son. The boy grew into a man of great beauty and intelligence and continued tending the flocks of his adopted father. After defending the locals from brigands, Paris earned a new name - Alexandros - "Protector of Men." He went on to become the lover of Oenone, a mountain nymph and daughter of a river god.


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