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I do apologize for my absence and update regularly but my personal life became hectic during this month. Finals and projects are done and I will continue to be more active until this blog is full. Even then I will create a new one.
The Robigalia was a festival held April 25. Its main ritual was a dog sacrifice to protect grain fields from disease. Games in the form of "major and minor" races were held. The Robigalia was one of several agricultural festivals in April to celebrate and vitalize the growing season, but the darker sacrificial elements of these occasions are also fraught with anxiety about crop failure and the dependence on divine favor to avert it I try to find a little more information on Robigalia and male slave. I receive an email about some time ago. I know that Pimped-out boys" (pueri lenonii) were celebrated on April 25, the same day as the Robigalia. And young male sex workers may also marked the day as a special occasion.
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