The Return from Prison

My cousin Tony had just come home from prison after doing a year and six months for Breaking and Entering charge. His mom was throwing a welcome home party. I was in charge of answering the door, when a skinhead dude shows up asking if Tony lived here. I said yes invited him in and told him to look for him in the living room. Tony was sitting next to his mom and his girlfriend. When the skinhead guy walked in the room everyone got quite. He walks over to Tony and says welcome home honey and plants this huge kiss right on his mouth. That crazy thing was Tony was kissing him back. They swapped spit for at least two minutes. When they finally separated lips Tony said Mom this is Alex my cell mate and boyfriend. He is really awesome Mom and I know you will come to love him. Aunt Lisa passed out, and fell off the couch. Tony’s girlfriend was in tears, screaming how could you do this to me. Tony told Alex let’s go up to my bedroom. Once they left everyone was freaking out. I yelled at the top my my voice Shut the fuck up! They all froze staring at me because I said fuck in front of grandma. I said I am 19 years old and you people should be ashamed of yourselves. Tony just comes out of the closet to you all and this is how you treat him after 18 months in prison. You all knew he was gay all along stop pretending. After all I said he has been sucking my dick for the last five years, Dad, Uncle tell them how long he has been sucking dick. He told me you guys taught him. I think we just lost grandma, somebody call 911.


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