Side effect

A straight man who accidently took a GAY friends dose of Nohomoicillin has suffered intense side effects of feeling like getting on his knees and sucking a cock or wanting to be fucked in the ass and watch reruns of Drama Queens or Oz.

Doctors examining the man say that apparently the effects on straight men are just the opposite of gay men so that the drug cures gay men of their gay urges but when used in straight men it has the opposite effect on them and cause them to become absolutely gay.

A Research scientist at Chimerex who declined to give his name said, "I guess it's back to the drawing board."  When we developed this drug we did not bother to test it on straight men because we felt there was no need to. Apparently like many drugs discovered that have different uses than originally intended like Viagra (which was originally developed as a heart drug but found to increase libido in men and women), as it is used by different types of patients they may have reactions to its use different from what we found in clinical trials which of course are controlled and applied to certain populations (in this case only gay men originally).

One gay man whimsically remarked, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."


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