Sons of War

I am the Great Patron of Rome. I am the God of Martial Might used for a virtuous and just cause. I protect the legions and its allies. I am happy to crush my enemies with great fury, but I do not fight without good cause.
Mars was seen as supreme warrior god over the other war gods and was extensively respected by the legionaries, compared to his hated Greek Ares. Mars focuses on martial victory rather than sheer conflict. Mars is a devoted and brilliant tactician and dislikes unnecessary bloodshed in stark contrast to Ares, his true Greek form, whom loves the idea of combat, endless carnage and violence. Mars is born of Juno alone. The Romans considered Mars Ultor, meaning, "Mars the Avenger", to be the greatest of the gods after Jupiter. The planet Mars named after him.

Children of Mars
Mars grants his children and their descendants with the following abilities:  
  • They all have enhanced strength, stamina, endurance, speed, and combat skills.
  • All children of Mars are naturals at using every weapon known to mankind.
  • They are experts in war strategies and tactics.
  • They have the ability to curse the weapons of their opponents 
  • Mars' Blessing: this blessing gives the person blessed near invulnerability. He gives his blessing to people who show tactics and leadership than just sole battle skills.
War is a duty; the only real choice is whether you accept it, and what you fight for.
Those who could be children of Mars
Scipio Africanus (Publius Cornelius Scipio)

He managed this victory against a substantial numerical superiority: 43,000 Romans versus 64,000 Carthaginians (and allies) supplemented by 80 war elephants. Hannibal ordered the elephants to charge first, and then intended his infantry to follow them into the holes they trampled in the Roman lines.

Gaius Marius

In Africa fighting Jugurtha and in the north fighting the German tribes:  the Teutones and the Cimbri, and then later during the Socii War, Marius' tactics and strategies were not only sound, but often brilliant. Marius (despite having unprecedented terms as consul) made political errors which led to his downfall as the Rise of Sulla.

Julius Caesar

The politics involved in the opening of hostilities between Caesar’s legions and Vercingetorix’s armies are very complicated, and Rome and Gaul are both to blame. But Caesar considered and announced that Gaul had become a serious threat to Roman safety by 58 BC, and so he invaded with the intent to destroy and annex the entire territory.

George S. Patton

He is now famous for using the Nazis’ own patented tactic against them: blitzkrieg. A “lightning war” is generally thought of as one which concentrates all available men and material into the enemy lines, breaking them, then pressing forward without first defending one’s flanks. To defend one’s flanks gives the enemy valuable time to bring up reserves or prepare its own defenses.

Currently; Mars is the Patron God of the US Military and her allies.  His appearance of late:
Mars has a flat-top hair cut. His face is covered with old knife scars and he wears night-vision goggles that glow from the inside or sun glasses. Mars wears military combat uniforms of various countries (currently USA).


  1. incredible amazing blog love muscle gods who´s this guy?


  3. I'm also crazy about gladiators when I was a kid i was extremely horny when I saw Russell Crowe and Lou ferigno as hercules Is it normal for a child to be extremely horny about muscle men ?
    how about you Demetrius When you began to feel horny for gladiators?


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