May God of the WeeK: Min

To kick start this month, I have choose Min and his advise for you all.

Min also known as  Menu or Amsu is an ancient Egyptian god since pre-dynasty. Min was a fertility god who was believed to bestow sexual powers to all men. He was also known as the god of rain who protects the fertility of nature, especially by watering the grains. In one of the most important Min festivals, the Pharaoh would hoe the fields as Min looked on. At the harvest festivals, the Pharaoh would ceremoniously hoe the fields under Min's supervision. He was honored in the coronation rites of the pharaohs to ensure their sexual vigor and the production of a male heir. In addition to his role in coronation rites, Min was honored in harvest festivals during which offerings of lettuce and sheaves of wheat. Lettuce was one of his attributes, as some sort of aphrodisiac.
There are some indications that there was a ritual in the ancient Egyptian military for ensuring the subjugation of prisoners - as in the story of Lord Set and Lord Horus - it involved 'impregnating' and so emasculating the prisoner, and so the erect state of the penis could relate to victory over the enemy.
He is portrayed as an ithyphallic bearded man, with his legs close together and wearing the same headdress as Amon. Min is shown with one arm raised wielding a thunderbolt.

You can improve the quality of your erections, extend their longevity, and minimize the possibilities of losing an erection during sex by adopting the following tips.

Eat Right and Get Moving

You have probably heard doctors and First Lady Obama recommend this for good health. But incorporating better lifestyle habits can prevent an erectile dysfunction. Men who have diabetes are more prone to weak erections and loss of sex. You can boost your performance with daily exercise.

Don’t Puff, Pass

If you smoke, stop. Smoking causes vascular damage in the penis that results in ED. Long-term heavy smokers have a far greater probability of becoming impotent than do nonsmokers. One recent study found that men who smoked a pack a day for 20 years had a 60 percent greater chance of having a diminished erection capacity than did nonsmokers.

Redefine Sex

Expand your definition of “sex.” There is more to it than having intercourse, especially at midlife. A man is also more likely to have erection difficulties if his lovemaking style is intercourse driven. The pressure to perform will be greater for him as he ages than for a man who enjoys satisfying his partner in a variety of ways. Prostate massagers can allow you to give your man an anal orgasm that will make him beg for more. Masturbation toys offer two unique sensations that can be incorporated into foreplay or used to aid him in orgasm. Add some kink fetish to the menu.

Have More Sex

The more sex you have, the more you will be able to do it. Erectile tissue becomes less supple with age. Without frequent erections, there is no regular flow of blood into the penis. After a long duration of not having an erection, a man may have difficulty in achieving one. So use it or lose it!

Cuming Isn’t the End
Don’t make cumming a goal of sex. Once you take the pressure to ejaculate out of sex, you will probably have more frequent erections, sustain them longer, and enjoy the experience. There are so many forms of sensual play that couples can enjoy.

Let Your Partner Know
Explain any changes in your sexual response to your partner. If intercourse has always ended in ejaculation until recently, they may think they have failed to please you. Let them know that your sexual patterns are changing and negotiate other forms of sensual play like massage.

Avoid Excess Medications

Prescription drugs may have a negative effect on erections. If you eat healthy, exercise and stay positive, you’re less likely to develop high blood pressure, mild depression, or other conditions requiring continuing use of medications. When a doctor prescribes a drug, ask about its sexual side effects, if an alternative drug might not have the same side effects, and whether or not a lifestyle change would enable you to go off medication as soon as possible.


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