In the Arms of Morpheus

God of Dreams
Lord of the Subconscious
Leader of the Dream Gods

Morpheus is the God of Dreams, the one with the amazing ability of appearing in dreams of mortals in any form. He is the one who shaped and formed the dreams. Morpheus is the God responsible for the dreams of people. When in the arms of Morpheus; people would enjoy a sound sleep, but would also see dream about their future or even coming events. Morpheus is the dream messenger of Gods, communicating the divine messages through images and stories, created as dreams. His Roman counterpart is Somnia. His symbols are a closed eye and a dark crown. Mortals call him "The Sandman."
Being the master of dreams, Morpheus had the ability to send images to the visions of people, to shape these images and give a form to the creatures that lived in dreams. Morpheus himself had a talent in mimicking any human in the dreams, and was able to take any form he wanted.

  • He possesses the standard powers of a god
  • Hypnokinesis: As the God of Dreams, he has divine authority and control over sleep and dreams like his dad, Hypnos.
    • make people fall asleep.
    • When looking at his face, it makes the viewer sleep.
    • He can send images to humans in dreams.
    • He can shape people's dreams.
    • Like all gods, he has the ability take any human form and appear in dreams.
When in his real form Morpheus had wings on his back. It was believed that he and his brothers were given wings by their uncle Thanatos, the deity of death, although some interpretations said that they were wing-born. The legend says that Morpheus used his wings not only to reach those who needed help in their dreams but also to carry his father, the wingless Hypnos, to the dream world in the caves, when in several occasions needed to be saved from Zeus' menace. This version also suggests that Hypnos was a pretty lazy deity, spending most of his time sleeping.
Morpheus was very protective of his whole family. He had the perfect family for his deeds.

Father: Hypnos, God and Lord of Sleep. King of the Dream World. Son of Erebus and Nyx

Mother: Pasithea -  Goddess of relaxation and rest. Descendant of Hera and Dionysus.

Uncle: Thanatos - fearsome God of Death who brings peaceful death to people. He is Lieutenant of Lord Hades, God and Ruler of the Underworld.  

Grandmother: Nyx- the Protogenoi Goddess of Night

Grandfather: Erebus-Protogenoi God of Darkness 

Brothers: He have a thousand of brothers. Morpheus and his brothers were called Oneiroi (Dreams). Morpheus is the eldest son of Hypnos the God of sleep and the leader of the Oneiroi. The prominent  of the brothers are:

Phobetor: He is the one who created the scary dreams. He is the personification of nightmare, taking the form of huge and scary animals.

Phantasus: He is the one creating the fake and illusion dreams, and had no animus form.

Icelus: God of Prophetic Dream. He is the one creating the true dreams, making them more realistic.
What made Morpheus the biggest among his brothers is his ability to oversee the dreams of heroes and kings and influence the dreams of Gods.
Hypnos, Thanatos, Nyx and the Oneiroi resided in The Dream World of Morpheus that was located in the Underworld. Morpheus and his brothers shared the cavernous palace of Hypnos from which they emerged each night like a flock of bats. The nightly route of Morpheus and his brothers passed through one of two gates. One of the gates was made from horn, the Gate of the Vision Dream. The second gate was made from ivory, the Gate of the Fantasy Dream.
The River of Forgetfulness and the River of Oblivion were found in that world, highly protected by the gates under the supervision of two monsters that would easily materialize the fears of any uninvited visitors. The legend says that only the gods from Olympus were allowed in this family’s territory particularly Lord Hades and the Divine Messengers Hermes and Iris.


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