Attack of the Frost Giants

Of all the races of giants, the foremost enemies of the Asgardian gods are the frost giants. The direct descendants of the first giant, Ymir, the frost giants live in the area of Jotunheim whose climate resembles that of Earth's Polar Regions. The capital of Jotunheim was Utgard, the citadel of the frost-giants. Temperatures in this area never rise above the freezing point of water. The frost giants can exist comfortably at frigid temperatures but are highly vulnerable to heat. Although they can withstand the normal temperatures to be found in Asgard and in the temperate regions of Earth, intense heat causes them to shrink in size rapidly, as if melting. Long exposure to cold will eventually cause them to grow back to their previous size. The frost giants' powers are strongest in their own realm of Jotunheim, presumably due at least in part to the frigid climate of much of the realm.
These giants live up to 250 years in societies led by a "jarl" and often survive by means of hunts and raids, although are not below trading if the need arises. "Jarl" is the title used to describe the leader of a frost giant community. They are usually the most powerful in their tribe and usually have the best equipment
Giants are not highly skilled in the arts of combat, but their sheer size and strength make them formidable opponents even for the Asgardian gods.
Giants possess superhuman strength and resistance to physical injury. (The flesh and bone of the giants of Jotunheim are about three times denser than similar human tissue, contributing to their superhuman strength and weight.)
Longevity: They are extremely long-lived, but their life spans are not as long as those of the Asgardian gods, who have been able to extend their lives through consumption of the enchanted apples of Idunn.
Magic: some frost giants have the power to create magical illusions.


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