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I posted the creation of the season: Persephone and Hades getting together without her mother, Demeter knowing. This post is from Demeter's point of view.  
Demeter is Greek Goddess of Agriculture, Nature and Harvest. The goddess Demeter is one of the most generous of the great Olympian goddesses.  The Goddess Demeter is beloved for her service to mankind in giving them the gift of the harvest, the reward for cultivation of the soil. Demeter was credited with teaching humans how to grow, preserve, and prepare grain. Demeter  was responsible for the fertility of the land.
She and her sisters, Hera and Hestia, was the only one of the Greek goddesses who was involved on a day-to-day basis in the lives of the common folk.  While other gods occasionally "dabbled" in human affairs when it suited their personal interests, or came to the aid of "special" mortals or demigods they favored, the Goddess Demeter was truly the nurturer of mankind. Demeter also was the only one of the Greek goddesses who could truly empathize with the human experience of suffering and grief, having experienced it fully herself.
While Persephone with Hades; Demeter was searched for Persephone. She feared the worst she ask Hecate, Goddess of Magic, for help.  They questioned Persephone’s friends about her disappearance. They tried to covered for Persephone by saying that is she was picking flowers in a neighboring field. They were punished later by becoming sirens.  
After weeks of searching; Hecate  suggest to go to Helios, God of the Sun and the biggest gossip in the heavens for help. They journey to the Eastern Palace of Light. They meet Helios before he set off for another day with his sister Eos, Goddess of Dawn. He told Demeter that he saw Hades and Persephone go to the Underworld. Demeter saw red she mistook the info that HADES KIDNAPPED PERSEPHONE!!!
She stormed to Mount Olympus and demand that her daughter be remain to her. Zeus tried to tell her that Hades wants to marry Persephone. Demeter was mortified she said: My daughter will not be held the pit of the Underworld. If she is not return to me THE EARTH WILL AND DIE!!!! Zeus tried to reason with her but it like talking to a brick wall.
Renouncing her divine duties that included bringing fertility to the land, Demeter took refuge in the city of Eleusis. Disguised as an old woman, the goddess Demeter was met the city rulers two young daughters at the well, and they, liking her immensely, invited her to return to their home to meet their mother.  There she met their mother who was cuddling her infant son.  This must have stirred Demeter's longing for her abducted daughter horribly. Demeter became profoundly depressed, almost catatonic, eyes gazing off into the distance and unwilling or unable to even speak.
Everyone tried to all that they knew to cheer their guest; but it was to no avail. Eventually one of the household servants, a middle-aged maid named Baubo, came and sat in front of Demeter and started talking, mostly making humorous comments (most likely "male-bashing"), some of them quite risqué. Encouraged when she saw the beginnings of a smile forming on Demeter's grief stricken face, Baubo hiked up her skirt and "mooned" the goddess. Demeter responded with a deep belly laugh that brought her out of the deep depression.  Her good nature now restored, Demeter was soon hired to work as a nursemaid to the infant son of the city's ruler.
Caring for him lovingly, feeding him on the nectar and ambrosia of the gods, Demeter grew very attached to the young Demophoon and decided to make him immortal.  But, just as Demeter was holding his feet over the fire (the ritual which would transform him into god, his mother entered the room.  Mistakenly believing that Demeter was about to burn her son, she began to scream.   The goddess Demeter then dropped her disguise, revealing the beautiful goddess that she truly was, and berated the mother for her stupidity in stopping the ritual that would have given her son immortality.
In addition, Demeter demanded that a temple be built in her honor.  This was done, and the goddess Demeter remained there, sitting alone in the darkness, once again depressed and grieving for her lost daughter.
Hades, Persephone, and Zeus make a deal Persephone will stay on earth with Demeter during the spring and summer months then she return to the Underworld for the fall and winter months. Demeter saw the wisdom in the deal she agreed to the deal as long as Hades visit them once in a while.
When Persephone leaves for her husband and kingdom; Demeter brings the bountiful harvest to humanity for winter months. At first; Demeter was sad that her daughter is gone for a while. Then realize she has time for herself and a break from her duties as the Goddess of the Harvest. Demeter go travel around the world trying new things and meeting new people.
The She give to thee:


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