Defender of the Innocent: Thor

Like the superhero version, this Thor is the God of Thunder and carries a magical hammer, which has awesome strength and flies back to after being thrown. Unlike his comic-book and movie counterpart, Thor has a big beard and travels in a cart drawn by goats. Thor is also a fierce protector of humanity and the world.
Thor is the son of Lord Odin and the Earth Mother Jord. Due to his parentage, he has a strong connection with both the sky and earth. He is always loyal to his father and his kin. In times of strife, he was first to defend his fellow Gods and their home. Carrying the legendary hammer Mjollnir, he is larger than life in every possible way.
Thor is a large muscular Viking type man with fierce determined eyes. He has fire red hair and a beard to match. He is the quintessential Viking: brave and undefeatable on the battlefield, inexhaustible in the bedroom and jovial over a few cups of mead. When at peace, Thor is a kind and good-natured God. However, he is often volatile and can lash out without thinking, a fact which often landed him into trouble.
Thor is a God who loves a boisterous party. Thor's mansion on Asgard was known as Thruthvanger, the Paddocks of Power, where his castle hall Bilskirnir or Lightning stood. His great hall of over 500 rooms and often hosts large rowdy feasts and gatherings. Feasts consisted of an overabundance of food and drink, and much wrestling, stories and songs.
Thor has a magical hammer called Mjollnir. He is able to topple mountains with it and uses it to defend his family and the human race. When thrown Mjollnir always returns to Thor’s hand. The dwarfs made Mjollnir and its name means crusher.
Thor was an extremely popular God during per-Christian times. The day of the week, Thursday is named after him (Thor’s day) and many areas in his home country are named in tribute to him. He was a God of the people and one that many defiantly would not give up when Christianity came in.
The stories of Thor’s battles are numerous as he has ever been the champion for good. It is said when Ragnarok comes, Thor will fight his last battle defending the world. He will defeat the Midgard serpent, Jormungard, yet sadly die after the battle from its poison. His two sons will survive Ragnarok to carry on his good work.
Today, Pagans and those of the Ásatrú faith hold Thor dear to their hearts. Followers of the Norse Gods often wear his symbol, Mjollnir. Many throughout the world raise the mead horn and hail his name, their love and adoration for him never diminishing over the years. Marvel honor this god in movies, comic books, and TV series as a superhero. Today He protects common men and warriors from foreign threats just as the armed force does. Happy Veterans' Day!!!


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