Wave of Oceanus

The Monsters of the Deep series were to introduce you to the Titan Lord who keeps them under control (most of the time.) His name is Oceanus.

First Ruler of the Sea
Titan Lord of the Oceans
Father of the World Waters
Oceanus is known as a Titan and also known as a Protogenoi. He is the Titan Lord of the Primeval Oceans. As a Titan and Protogenoi, he was the firstborn from Uranus and Gaia and made to live in Tartarus until freed by Kronos. While Tethys created the subterranean caverns to guide the water to earth, Oceanus provided the earth with rivers, springs and rain clouds from his ocean. 
Oceanus is likewise the god who controlled the rising and setting of the heavenly bodies which are considered to emerge and descend into his watery world at the ends of the earth. Oceanus’ spouse was Tethys, the nurse, who had been thought to disperse his water to the earth via subterranean caves.
He fathered the nymphs called Oceanids. These nymphs have the tails of fish and in habited aquatic areas of the earth. We today call them mermaids.He fathered all the river gods of Western Civilization. These gods exist in there out Europe and the USA.
Oceanus's abilities
  • Hydrokinesis: Being the father of waters and titan lord of the sea, he can control enormous amounts of water.
  • He can bring forth great hurricanes and storms.
  • He can unleash huge tsunamis and tidal waves.
  • Oceanus is perhaps the only being who can challenge Poseidon, as he is shown to have similar powers as that of Poseidon.
He brought autograph of his sons: The River gods


  1. Can I have 1 and 4 of the river gods?? I love this story thank you for sharing it with us.


    PS Do not forget to send over the river gods I asked for.


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