Today is the Vulcanalia: The Feast of Vuclan

God of Fire and the Forge
God of Metals and Metallurgy
God of Volcanoes and Hammers
Vulcan is Hephaestus' Roman form. As Vulcan, he becomes more disciplined, militaristic, and warlike. While the Greeks envisioned Hephaestus as a benevolent and clever Blacksmith of Heaven, the Romans believed Vulcan is also the God of Volcanoes and Fire's destructive capacity which gave him a greater respect among their people.
Vulcan was worshiped primarily to obtain his protection in averting fires, so there were numerous shrines dedicated to him where fires were most feared, such as areas near volcanoes and where grain was stored, especially at the port of Ostia. The month of August was when Vulcan was worship the most because like now August has some of the most hottest days. An interesting note is that his shrines stood outside of the walls of cities.
Vulcan established his workshop in the heart of Mount Etna, where he fashioned a giant forge. His workers were the one-eyed Cyclopes. He created a golden throne for Juno, and fashioned magical thunderbolts for Jupiter and Cupid's arrows.
He is said to have fathered Servius Tullius, one of the Kings of Rome, who proved his parentage by the useful talent of being able to cause fire to descend on his enemies. He was the patron of artisans and blacksmiths. In these late times he was depicted as a smith in a tunic that freed his right arm and shoulder, and with an anvil, tongs and hammer.
His festival was the Vulcanalia, falling on August 23, the period of greatest drought and highest fire risk in Italy.The Vulcanalia was celebrated with large bonfires – this gave Roman citizens some degree of control over the powers of fire. Sacrifices of small animals were devoured by the flames, offerings presented in place of the burning of the city, its grain stores, and its resident. I hope he tames the flames of the wildfires in the West Coast to go our firefighters some relieve.
  • Pyrokinesis: As the God of Fire, he has absolute control over heat, fire, and lava. This is a very dangerous and powerful ability, which is why only children that he chooses have this ability.
  • Fire Immunity: Vulcan is immune to fire and heat, as he works with them constantly.
  • Technokinesis: As the God of Blacksmiths, he has amazing mechanical abilities.
  • Enhanced Forging: Vulcan can build any kind of machine out of any kind of material, as well as animate it and make it do things to suit his needs. He can even do this absentmindedly, fiddling with parts and gears when nervous or thinking hard over something.
  • Superhuman Endurance: Hephaestus can work in his smith forge for months on end and make love to Aphrodite without tire or sleep.


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