Beware of Discord

Sorry for not blog in a while I happen too thing on at the time. I am back with the source of the problems of the world: the dark goddess Eris.
Eris (pronounced EAR-iss) is the Dark Goddess of Strife and Discord in Greece. According to most sources, she is the daughter of Nyx, Primordial Goddess of night, and Erebus, Primordial God of darkness. Eris delights in causing trouble wherever she goes, and she is the last to leave the battlefield, soaking up all of the suffering that she has caused. She is cause some of the greatest wars in history such as Trojan War, World Wars I and III, and the Middle East
Eris is the mother of evil spirits that plague humanity, including Lethe (forgetfulness), Limos (hunger), Ponos (labor), Dysnomia (lawlessness), Ate (ruin and recklessness), Horkos (oaths), the Algea (pain), the Amphilogiai (disputes), the Androktasiai (slaughter on the battlefield), the Hysminai (fights), the Makhai (battles), the Neikea (quarrels), the Phonoi (murder), and the Pseudologoi (lies). It was these Kakodaimones were sealed in Pandora’s Box by the Gods. Pandora later on opened it and releasing them into the world. Eris’s name means “strife,” and epithets used to describe her include Hard-hearted, Abhorred, Frightful, Terrible, and Deadly. Eris was feared for her unforgiving and wrathful nature. Though despised by the Olympians, they respected her power regardless. It is Eris who drives the conflicts and disputes of both gods and men.

If she got her hands on you just remember 

Some of the most difficult problem have a simple solution.

Feel your heart and know that you are here for a reason.

Fight for what you believe in

Do not lose the faith


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