Gods of the gay and bisexual community

I have been researching gods (specifically male gods) that are Patron of Homosexual and/or are bisexual 


Seth: God of the Desert, Chaos, Confusion, Storms, Wind, and Foreign Lands. He had been with Horus, God of Pharaoh and the Sky. He also fuck the local oasis gods and his harem of goddesses and minor gods. Seth is shown as red haired and white skin.

Greeks (Easiest to find)

Dionysus: God of Viticulture and Drama. He is also Patron of effeminacy, hermaphrodites, transvestites and cross-dressing.

Eros: Messenger of Love. God of Erotic Love

Ganymede: God of Homosexual Love and Zeus’s cupbearer and lover.

Heracles: God of Strength and Gatekeeper of the Olympus. He gives strength to youths

Bisexual feeling

Zeus: King of the Gods. He has a young prince (Ganymede) a god and his lover.

Poseidon: Lord of the Sea. He is the first god to have a male lover, Pelops.

Apollo:  God of Sunlight, Archery and Prophecy. He has the most male lover of the gods.

Hermes: God of Eloquence and Intelligence. He is the lover and partner of Apollo.

Pan: God of the Wild, Male fertility and Nature. He enjoy fucking country boys and girls. 

Zephyr: God of the West Wind. He is former lover of Hyacinth and Apollo  


Norse Gods It is very hard to find ANY gay mythology in Norse myths. The silver lighting is that Norsemen are hyper-masculine society and any effeminate is look down on. I found that:

Freyr:  God of Fertility. His priests are gay or effeminate

Odin: King of the Gods. He is lover of Loki 

Loki: Trickster God. He is bisexual and not afraid to explore sex of all kind.

Asian mythologies are confusing, leans toward transgender and the researches in this subject you have asking more question than answer.

Latin American 

For the Aztecs, Xochipilli was the God of Games, Beauty, Dance, Flowers, and Song - and also the patron of homosexuals.
The Mayas had a little (literally - physically small) god called Chin, who introduced homoerotic relationships to the Mayan nobles. The nobles obtained youths of the lower classes to be the lovers of the noble's sons. Such unions were considered legal marriages under Mayan law.


  1. What's the name of "Apollo" I mean the real person/man.


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