Demon Issue I: Flaming Desire of Incubus

Alone at night a young man toss and turn in his bed to some he is having a nightmare. In his "dream", he is being suck, rim and fuck by his lover. After hours of fucking; the young man was awake and he felt drain and satisfied. He wondered was it a dream then he fingered his hole. He examined his finger, he saw cum and its taste sweet. This man was visited by an incubus.

What the hell is an incubus?!!  

An incubus (nominal form constructed from the Latin verb, incubo, incubare, or "to lie upon") is a demon in male form that according to a number of myths and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers, especially sexually frustrated people, in order to have intercourse with them. Its female counterpart is the succubus. An incubus absorbs one’s life energy by kissing or having sexual intercourse. They are often very good looking and are capable of seducing someone by a simple touch.
 They are neutral . Some are good and just want be lover. However they are some who are evil and are rapist.   It was held that repeated intercourse with an Incubus would likely lead to the deterioration of health and/or death.This result from a rookie or very hungry. Incubi are known to have the following abilities:
Eating sexual energy normally occurs as a kiss, or sexual activity. Doing this drains energy from the person who is being fed from, and can lead to harm or death. The draining the life force (chi) from someone during a kiss (The eyes turn a luminous blue when this occurs); he has the ability to replenish as well, but control of this is limited. Not killing people in this manner is a skill incubi have to learn. It is stated in the show that this effects fae or other supernatural being differently, and is less likely to kill. 
Feeding also heals all wounds that an incubus has, if enough energy is taken.
By breathing the energy back into someone, an incubus can bring a person killed by an Incubus' power back to life. Doing so to a human makes the person you bring back even more devoted than the seductive touch.
Seductive touch
They controlling a person's responses by touch, enthralling them Incubi can seduce through touch, such touch is indicated to be pleasurable, and for a human, irresistible. They can then use this to get information, and prepare people to feed on. They can also see the amount of lust a person has by looking at their aura. This ability help locate potential victims and

Superior Strength and Speed
Incubi, when fed, are stronger and faster than humans and have a greater resistance to harm.
The ability to become stronger and faster than average human is through feeding. This increases and decreases based on the last time he fed and what she fed on recently (He has been shown to be more powerful after 'feeding' on Fae rather than humans).
Who will be your demon lover tonight?


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