Happy Father's Day

Well many people think because they had sex and created a child they are a dad.  However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. That short span of personal pleasure does not qualify one for the dad title. So, in my opinion if you’re one of those deadbeat dads who walk around bragging about your children but do little to nothing for them, then the title really doesn’t apply to you.
A real dad is someone who truly loves you. Now that word love encompasses unconditional love. That means they are always there to help. They hurt when you hurt. They are human but will admit their mistakes when wrong. That while they will always be protective, they will let you grow while making sure you does not stray too far off course. They do not judge but try to help yet, they will try to provide what is important to you while teaching you responsibility and values. 
A dad is someone we can confide in when we are down and out. Who is always ready with a kiss and a big hug? They will not condemn, yell, curse or hit you when you do something wrong but they will allow you to understand what you did and try to help you through it.
Dads are men who put their entire life into YOU. They do not say what’s mine is mine and you have to get yours, they say we are family, I love you and how can I help you through your problem. Dads are there when you need help and when there is no one else to go to. They are also there to let you know life is not a hand out and it can be tough. So, if you’re refused a handout for something frivolous then think about why and what else may be important.
So the next time you’re mad because of circumstances, don’t blame yourself and pick up someone else’s baggage. Just look sincerely at that person you have: who is there, who provides and who cares. Trust in them, build an honest relationship and learn to talk together. If you don’t have that now then give it a try, you might wind up surprised. Also, if you have two dads in your life and they both love you that are even better. Sometimes life is hard and it doesn’t always work out but true love never leaves. Give them both a chance and bury what you perceive and find out what you didn’t realize, you just may be surprised.

Here is  fantasies about dad and son


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