Hear the words of the Witches

Happy Halloween to everybody. 
Meet the Queen of the Night the Great Goddess Hecate. Myth #1 She is a crone stirring a cauldron, Myth #2 Her people (Witches) are evil. And Myth #3 Hecate and the witches cast evil spells. The truth is Witches are NOT evil nor due they cast spells to hurt people. Hecate is a triple goddess-in-one mean She is the Maiden, Mother, and Crone at once see past, present, and future events. To the Story of Hecate:
After the War with the Titans. the Original Olympians punished their enemies the Titans who oppose them to Tartarus. A few Titans, however, were spared from being eternal punish due to the fact they refusal to fight the Original Olympians. Hecate was one of these few Titans. After the war She was able to keep her authority over the earth, sky and sea (although her authority in these realms are inferior to the Olympians especially Zeus's).
In the beginning of Greek culture, Hecate was shown as a benevolent goddess associated with earth like Demeter.  After the war, her power increase that She could grant prosperity to any mortals, bountiful catch to fishermen and fertile livestocks to farmers. Mortals often looked to Hecate for help, guide, and blessings, and She was easily persuaded to grant requests.
Later on things changes Hecate go toward the dark side. People see her as the Goddess of Magick, Night and Witchcraft. She is the companion of Persephone, Queen of the  Underworld. A lover of solitude, Hecate was, like her cousin Artemis, a "virgin" goddess, unwilling to sacrifice her independent nature for the sake of marriage. Walking the roads at night or visiting cemeteries during the dark phase of the moon, the goddess Hecate is described as shining or luminous.
In other legends she is invisible, perhaps only glimpsed as a light, a "will-o-the-wisp".  Perhaps it was this luminous quality that marked Hecate as a "moon goddess", for she seemed quite at home on the earth. Some people said Hecate is the personification of Selene in the Heaven, Artemis on earth, and Persephone in the Underworld.
Whether Hecate visits us in waking hours or only while we sleep, she can lead us to see things differently (ourselves included) and help us find greater understanding of our selves and others.  
Here Modern witches :


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