The Darkness within

Lord of the Underworld 
Good Counselor
In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to write an article about Lord Hades. Due to the fact that Halloween deal with ghouls, ghost, devils, and other demonic creatures. 
At the end of the Titan War, the brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades decided to divided the universe by playing lots. Poseidon won the seas, Zeus won the heavens and Hades won the Underworld. This suit Hades just fine. To some he may seem somber, grim god but he really tried to fair and honest god. Being the eldest god and having to live with his siblings's argue over petty things and scheme can anyone wants to be a lone.  Hades spent little time with his Olympian siblings, preferring instead to withdraw to his own space and to mind his own business.
Unlike his brother Poseidon, Hades has FULL CONTROL of the Underworld. Most of the gods stay clear of Underworld and it ruler Hades. Not even Zeus interferes with the business of the Underworld except the case of Persephone. The gods are immortal beings and they do not want to be involve  in the matters of dead and the afterlife.
And surely his divine responsibility is large and grows daily--the management of the Underworld, an underground kingdom wherein lived the spirits of those who had died, those who sleep and dream, and others who, for whatever reason, had been banished from the earth. With his dark, somewhat morbid nature,  Hades was undoubtedly well-suited to his career. Nonetheless, at times he was bound to be lonely.
Although Hades stay in the Underworld most of the time, he does visit the land of living for a change scene and love affair or two. On visit he encounter the beautiful Persephone. He went to Zeus for her hand in marriage because Zeus is Persephone's father. Zeus, staying neutral as possible, did not agree for the marriage nor he disagree with the idea of the marriage between Hades and Persephone. Hades forget to tell Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture and Persephone's obsessed mother, about the marriage. Persephone gather flowers on a plain in Sicily. Hades made her his queen and the consequence of the their marriage result in the change seasons. 
To the realms of Hades's Kingdom. There are three majority realms and several minority areas. 
Tartarus is the lowest region of the world, as far below earth as earth is from heaven. Tartarus is the Greek Hell. it is a dark and dismal place with the wicked suffer eternal punishment. Tartarus scary the hell out everybody including the gods and goddesses. 
The Asphodel fields are a limbo existence. it have the most souls in Underworld due to the fact commoners don't do nothing that get in the Elysium Fields.
Elysium Fields is the paradise for the heroes and good people. It is the Greek Heaven. Games are held, music and concert are hold everyday. It is a good time for all who live here. 
In his role as “Good Counselor”, Hades is responsible for helping those who had died to make a successful transition into the afterlife, introducing them to the riches of a life lived subjectively and internally, away from the distractions of the external world. Hades teaches us to be quiet at times, listening carefully to the inner voices that direct us to the hidden riches buried deeply within the soul.
Here is some of  Hades's souls in Tartarus and the Elysium Field:


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