Solar Fight; Ra vs Apep

Apophis (Apep)was the Great Serpent Lord of Chaos and Destruction and the enemy of Ra, God of the Sun and Lord of Order. Ra and Apophis were sworn enemies and battled each night, and of course, with the help of Set, Ra won every time. The dynamic between the two are that of pure opposites. Their existence opposes each other, and they do nothing but fight. Each night, the two would battle but Ra was usually victorious. When Apophis did win, there would be an eclipse or a Storm that blocked the sun which was seen as Apophis eating the sun and when the eclipse ended, it would mark Ra's escape. Often, Ra was depicted with other gods protecting and aiding him from Apophis. Because Apep is so terrible (always described as fathomless huge, which is why it is depicted with such tightly-packed coils to represent how much of it there is, and sometimes said to have a head made of vicious hard flint or eyes of gold) and so dangerous, the sun god was understood to not be able to fight such a fearsome foe alone. The solar baroque was staffed with a defense team intended to help him fight Apep off each day, including
Maahes, lion god of slaughter and courage

Serket, scorpion goddess of poisons and disease

Seth, God of Chaos, Desert, Storm, and Foreign Lands

Bast, Cat Goddess of Protection and Home and Eye of Ra

Each day, through their combined efforts, Apep is defeated or turned aside and Ra is saved to begin the day anew, although not without great hardship and injury to all. 
The foremost of Ra's defenders, and the only deity who stands as a true opponent who can face Apep's might, is Set, god of the deserts. Apep's powers include a terrible hypnotic gaze that can freeze even a god so that they lose all reason, not to mention its unending coils which are wrapped around the baroque itself and all the gods within, and thus many of the defending gods are paralyzed by its gaze each day, or physically restrained so that they cannot help Ra as they intend to. Set, however, is the strongest and most powerful of all the divine warriors, and he is unaffected by any of Apep's dangerous skills; he is too strong to be held in its coils, and too loyal and determined to be hypnotized, which allows him to take over and drive the baroque for Ra while the sun god fights the snake's influence himself. He then fights Apep with a great iron spear, eventually skewering it and driving it off until the great struggle begins again the next day.So


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