Spring Growth

Spring begins with the first green shoots and explodes into a multitude of beautiful blossoms and promise of good harvest. Winter’s hardship and last year’s conservatism votes in West end with green progressivism with Dutch and hopeful the French.  Back to the story
In ancient times many festivals were held to celebrate the Gods and Goddesses of Spring and Nature who were associated with flowering, growth and fertility of the land and people.
Now below are the many faces of the springtime deity taken from myths from around the world.

Gods and Goddesses of Springtime

Eostre is the Germanic Goddess of Spring, Growth and Dawn.

Persephone is the Greek Goddess of Springtime and Flowers, Queen of the Underworld, Roman form as Proserpina.

Aristaeus is one of the most beneficent hero-gods of ancient Greece. He taught many useful agricultural practices

 Zephyr aka Zephyrus (Favonius) is the Greek God of Wind of the West and spring.

 Horae: Goddesses of the Season and Guardians of Olympus

  • Auxesia, a hora of winter, early Ancient Greece
  • Auxo (Auxesia), a hora of spring, classic Ancient Greece 
  • Damia, a hora of summer, early Ancient Greece
  • Carpo (Καρπώ),  a hora of autumn, classic Ancient Greece

  Flora is the Roman Goddess of Flowers, Gardens and spring.


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