Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day and Summer Solstice to you all.
Egyptian sun god can be likened unto the Christian God, as a supreme deity and creator. He created the 8 great gods and the human race came from his tears.  Ra is usually depicted as a human with a falcon or a ram head. The sun was either his eye or his body. He traveled the sky every day, passing over the lands and then going into the underworld. Because of this legend, he is considered to be the god of the underworld.
Ra is stated to be the "heart" of the Egyptian gods and, by extension, the entire universe. Even if the others do not acknowledge it or possibly don’t even know it as Isis presumably didn’t know the consequences, without Ra, the rest of the gods would eventually fade into nothingness. Ra is the most powerful among all the other gods and is only contested by Apophis in power and might. As the god of creation and renewal, he is able to replenish energy and give vitality by just his presence.
At the beginning there was only the Sea of Chaos, then the first land, the first obelisk, the symbol of Ma'at, came from Chaos, creation from destruction, and from it, Ra rose. Ra was powerful and took many forms, but he was alone and chaos surrounded him.
As the Atum, is he who masturbated in Iunu (On, Heliopolis). He took his phallus in his grasp that he might create orgasm by means of it, and so were born the twins Shu, who willed the winds, and Tefnut, who caused the rains to fall. And then Shu's children: Nut, the sky and Geb, the earth. Atum created the two gods Sia and Hu from his blood spilled while cutting his own penis, a possible reference to circumcisionFollowing the creation of the other gods; with his Sun Boat, Ra transverses on the heavens to upheld the triumph of Ma'at over Isfet, or chaos.
But also, as Order took manifestation in the form of Ra, Chaos also manifested into a giant serpent called Apophis, the god of Chaos who hated all of creation. As Chaos tried to overthrow and disrupt the delicate balance between Chaos and Order, Apophis tried to swallow the sun god as the ancient prophecy stated, which if the Serpent would successful , the world would be destroyed and fall into Chaos. However the triumph of Chaos did not happen since the gods were there to protect Ra, the Lord of Order.


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