October: Season of Fright and Harvest

We are in fall with great weather and crazy people in politic. Here is a something special  for you.

Notus (Greek Νότος, Nótos) is the Greek God of the South Wind. Notus' winds are heavy and filled with moisture, creating fog and mists. He was associated with the desiccating hot wind of the rise of Sirius after midsummer, was thought to bring the storms of late summer and autumn, and was feared as a destroyer of crops. His Roman counterpart is Auster.
Notus is the son of Eos (Dawn) and Astraeus. He is the South Wind, one of the four Anemoi. In ancient Greek religion and myth, the Anemoi (Ancient Greek: Ἄνεμοι, "Winds") were Greek wind gods who were each ascribed a cardinal direction from which their respective winds came (see Classical compass winds), and were each associated with various seasons and weather conditions. They were sometimes represented as mere gusts of wind and  at other times were personified as winged men.

His brothers
Boreas: North Wind

Zephyrus: West Wind

Eurus: East Wind

This month of October will feature:

The Return of the Seven Deadly Sins with new myths and legends associate with them


And more.


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