Blessing of Min

The dark skinned Egyptian god called "Min" is one of the most handsomest Egyptian Gods. He could wear anything and he would get away with it. Despite his cocky mood (I know bad joke) he is actually a really nice guy in general. He helps men and Gods with their fertility problems. Isis, the Goddess of fertility, tried to solve fertility problems for women. These two gods aren't together as a couple but they are good friends. Min has helped a few of the gods with their problems, including Seth. He is quite confident when it comes to appearance and isn't afraid to walk out in, well, pants frankly.
His story:

Min was worshiped during springtime via the festival of worshipping a penis. Min is a very ancient Egyptian god since pre-dynasty. This god is also as ancient as Egypt herself, dating from the Predynastic period, and a very vital deity in the pantheon. Min is the God of Fertility and Harvest. He is also God of male fertility and protector of mines and agriculture, he is master of the routes of the oriental desert. Min was worshipped by mans, as they believed that Min as a bestowal of sexual powers to them. He was also known as the god of rain who protects the fertility of nature, especially by watering the grains.
His appearance portrayed as standing man with erected penis, holding a flail in his raised right hand and wearing ram crown with two tall ostrich feathers on his head. Sometimes, he was also shown as white bull. Long lettuce, lactuca sativa, was believed to have aphrodisiac properties. Lettuce is believed to be associated with him, not due to its vaguely phallic shape, but rather to its white milky sap which is reminiscent of semen. Where it was offered as sacrifice to him. Men would ingest much of the sap as possible, partaking in hopes that Min would honor them with copious amounts of semen, powerful erections and great sexual skill.
Preliterate societies depended heavily on the health and strength of their kings. If a king were sickly or weak, he could not lead his people in battle and might not be able to produce an heir, thereby causing strife over his succession. As a result these societies devised numerous tests of the health and strength of their kings, most of which revolved around the periodic renewal of the king’s physical powers.
His worshippers back then sounds like fun: his statue would be taken out of his temple and brought into the fields, where participants would sing praises to Min and play games in the nude. Pharaoh (being Min's representative on earth and The Bull of the Earth) would then plant his "seed" in the earth, assuring a good harvest. Talk about performance anxiety!
The Min’s spring festival was the festival when Pharaoh sowed his seed or released his sperm into the many wives that he owned. Through the act of keeping orgy parties, the king of Egypt was able to sleep with many different types of women from the different cultures of the earth.
All the images of Min from statues to paintings, have him depicted with his left hand gripping his penis, and the right hand raised in the air. His right hand is always raised in the air, holding a pharaoh’s flail. This is part of a ritual with prisoners of war.  An Egyptian military ritual where in prisoners were raped or sodomized, so as to ensure their subjugation. This ritual also appeared in the myth of the battle between Set and Horus,  indicating that the rape may have been considered to confirm the subjugation of prisoners "legally". The flail was often used to show the pharaoh's supremacy over his enemies, and was therefore linked to both power and destruction.
Isis and Min?
Though she had restored her husband, Lord Osiris, to a resemblance of life in the underworld, Isis was lonely and seldom saw him, for he was busy with his kingdom and she spent all her efforts on aiding her son. One day, Isis thought she saw Lord Osiris striding through the fields and went to him gladly. She seducing him with sweet words and dancing.  After she had sex with him, however, she found that she had mistaken Min for her husband. She swore him to secrecy to avoid her husband's wrath.  but as a god of potency Min is irresistible, and she returned to be his secret lover occasionally from that day forward.
Considering his strong role in fertility, it is for that reason no surprise that fertility gods were often associated with him as well, including Hathor, the goddess of love and pleasure. Much later, in Greek times, Min would be associated with the satyr Pan, often depicted with an erection (much like most satyrs were, considering their insatiable lust!).  The Romans believed Min to be the same god as Priapus.

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Blessing of Min


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