Strong Women: Lilith

For the ladies around the world; you are the equal to any man and stronger than closed-minded men.


Goddess of Woman’s Equality
The First Feminist

"Male and female he created them," proclaims Genesis in its first version of humanity's creation. But the Bible later changes its mind, explaining the creation of woman as God's afterthought. Jewish tradition outside the Bible understood the difference: there was a female created simultaneously with Adam, and her name was Lilith.
When Adam suggested intercourse to Lilith, she enthusiastically agreed. Adam then instructed Lilith to lie down beneath him. Adam feared to be scratch up by Lilith’s talons for feet.  Insulted, as Adam’s equal, Lilith refused to lie on her back while Adam took the dominant position in sex (missionary style). Lilith believed that they should make love as equals (the beast with two backs). Adam was adamantly against this, wanting his wife to be submissive. Lilith said fuck it and left the Garden of Eden. (It’s not paradise when you have to be a slave instead of being one’s equal.)
Then Lilith went to God and tricked him into revealing his secret name, his name of power. (Isis did a similar tale with Ra.) Once she had power over him, Lilith asked that God give her wings; she then flew from Eden to the western deserts. There she happily had orgies with elemental spirits and sand demons, producing demon children by the score.
So then Adam complained to God, and he made a second woman from Adams rib, so that she would obey him. God then gave Adam Eve, a docile woman of the flesh to please him.
Eventually, Lilith was portrayed as the foe of Eve. It was Lilith in serpent form who seduced Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge. No doubt Lilith wanted Eve to open her eyes and come into the fullness of herself, her womanhood. Unfortunately for Adam and Eve; they were expelled from Eden and became semi mortal. Eve gave birth to humanity not just Cain and Abel.

Her role in the Ancient Middle East Culture
In ancient Sumeria she was regarded as the "left hand" of the Great Goddess Inanna. She assisted her by bringing the men to the Goddess' temples, to worship her by participating in "Tantric" rites with the temple's priests and priestesses  especially visitors to a city. As a result of this role, Lilith became known as seducer of men and as harlot.
Among the Semitic speaking peoples of Mesopotamia she was first a figure similar to Lil, a Sumerian goddess of destructive winds and storms. When Hebrew/Semitic morals became dominant in the Near East she was equated and merged with Lamashtu, a demonic female spirit (sometimes witch) known in Syria as a killer of children. Here she acquired her depiction as a winged demon of the night (Talmud), as dangerous vampire and succubus (Zohar), as mother of the incubi, Succubi, vampires, and demons and as screeching night-owl (Bible) to drive Lilith’s worshipers away from the Goddess, they made up lies such as this which contradicted Her earlier functions as a Protectress and helper of birthing mothers and infants.
Servant of Lilith
She holds the ancient fruit of knowledge, the secrets of our deepest sexual nature, and She is willing to offer this fruit to us.


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