Master Craftsman II

Hi there I hope you enjoy your Labor's Day with the some of the first craftsmen: the Cyclops

The first Cyclopes were raised by Uranus, Father Heaven, and Gaea, Mother Earth. The Cyclopes were the sons of Gaia and Uranus. Cyclopes were giants that had only one eye in the middle of their foreheads. They were very strong and powerful beings, with a very irritable personality. Uranus was not pleased with these beings and imprisoned them in Tartarus until Cronus overthrew him. During Cronus' rule, he did not release the Cyclopes, his own brothers. So his mother Gaea, his son Zeus, and his wife Rhea plotted against him. With their help, the Olympian led by Zeus conquer the Titans and rule the Universe.
In most cases, Cyclopes are abandoned by their parents when they are born in order to learn how to fight for themselves. Cyclopes are also feared or avoided by most monsters, as even when they are young, they are still incredibly strong.
Many Cyclopes were born to Poseidon. They have superhuman hearing and can mimic any voice perfectly. They have the ability to create anything they put their mind to. Often employ by Hephaestus in one of forge or Poseidon in his kingdom, Atlantis. 

Elder Cyclopes
The Elder Cyclopes are the Weaponsmiths of the Gods, the three eldest Cyclopes, and the sons of Gaea and Uranus. They are the primeval gods of storms, like their brothers the Hekatonkheires, particularly of thunderstorms (lightning). The Elder Cyclopes' names are:
  • Brontes, Leader of the Elder Cyclopes
  • Arges
  • Steropes

These Cyclopes created Zeus' Master Bolt, Poseidon's Trident, Hades' Helm of Darkness, Artemis' bow and arrows of moonlight, and Apollo's bow and arrows of sunlight.They typically help Hephaestus in the forges. They are assisted by other cyclopes, the children of Poseidon. 

Poseidon's Cyclopes
Many Cyclopes of Cyclops population are children of Poseidon, but some are children of other Cyclopes. Some help in the forges, some live in isolation. The Southern Cyclopes are mostly children of Poseidon and the northern ones bred by Cyclopes.

Southern Cyclopes
They are sheep herders in the Ancient Mediterranean Sea. They also rarely eat heroes and demigods. The Southern Cyclopes often interact with Greek demigods and are typically malevolent. They seem to be not as smart as most Cyclopes since they don't use their building talents and instead herd sheep. 

Their Main employers:
Hephaestus, Blacksmith

Poseidon, Ruler of the Sea

To the all the craftsmen we celebrate you


  1. Love teh story, but the pictures are HOTTER than ever. Can I serve Poseidon????



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