Enter of the Forest of the Satyrs

I had a dream lately of strong man in the forest at night invite me to party to worship Dionysus. I followed him to party and I saw paradise of pleasure.   


Satyrs are the male force of nature.The Satyr has its history in both Greek and Roman mythology. In Roman they are also known as Faunus, or Fauns, but both have many of the same attributes. They are defined as having a human upper body, where the lower body is that of a goat with a long thick goat tail. They also often are shown with having goat like ears and horns. They are often shown in art as having strong features with flat noses, full beards, long pointed ears and long curly hair. They often carry a rod tipped with a pinecone called a Thyrsus.

More recent stories has the Satyr looking more and more human, so that only the horns and the tail remains to reveal that they are indeed a Satyr.
Satyrs are an idle and lusty race. They are shown to be generally wild and carefree, often drinking, playing music and dancing. They are also said to have a large appetite. Satyrs are nature faes associated with male sexual drive, and a lot of Greek and Roman art has them depicted as having erections. Satyrs had an uncontrollable urge to rape men and women. Satyrs are also known to be followers and servants of Dionysus, Olympian God of Wine and Pan, God of the Forest. 

Satyrs mature more slowly than humans; they generally don’t reach full adulthood until the age of 22. A satyr do age but not like human, their appearance changes based upon different life events.  For explain: if a satyr were to get married and have children, then his appearance would age as they grew older; the same is true if his were to have grandchildren. 
Special abilities:
  • Nature magic: Satyrs can cast spells to enhance the growth of nature, fertility, and sexuality.
  • Affinity for animal: They love animals and will protect the animals from harm probably involve animals' rights group.
  • Satyr immunity: satyr can’t contract or spread any human diseases
  • Satyr endurance and stamina: Satyrs can have for a long time
  • Minor shape-shifting: The ability to hide their satyr characteristics to exist in the human world
  • Dream weaving: the power to bestow dreams, often erotic dreams, on others.  However, with the power to bestow dreams came the power to also give nightmares.  This power can be abuse.  As time passed and humans evolved, it was determined that satyrs rule that they shouldn't meddle in others’ dreams; it was too open to abuse.  Now interfering with another’s dreams is highly frowned upon.
  • Longevity: Satyrs heal faster than humans, but they can be killed and can die.  It’s hard to explain.  Eventually, satyrs’ life force is used up and they die, but their appearance doesn't age like that of a human. 
Their Leaders: Gods associated with Fertility
Pan: God of Wild Nature, Countryside, and Animal.
Dionysus: Olympian God of the Wine and Celebration

Best Known about them
Sex and Pleasure


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