The Dragon of Boeotia

The Dragon of Boeotia was once an ambitious and cruel prince named Abas (not Abas, son of Lynceus of the royal family of Argos), crown prince of Eleusis. When Persephone was “abducted” by Hades, Lord of the Underworld, Demeter, Goddess of Fertility searched the earth for her. During her search, one of the few times was when she stopped on her travels to quench her thirst by drinking from a spring. Abas was laughing at the sound of her gulping the fresh water. Embarrassed, and angry at Abas for being so rude, Demeter threw her drink the prince, turning him into a helpless lizard.
As a lizard, Abas wander around Greece through caves and deep forest. He came across sanctuary of the Three Fates. These Goddesses of Destiny foresaw the Greece becoming a great society. To get the prophecy on track, they decide to have Phoenician (Canaanites) educating the Greeks with the alphabet, shipbuilding and other thing. To do this, Three Fates dictated that Zeus will take Europa to Crete creating for her brothers the search for Europa. The Goddesses saw Abas came up with a great idea. The Three Fates recommended him to be the destruction of mankind to get his revenge on Demeter; he was turned into the fierce king of dragons by feasting on the shoulder bone of the buried Uranus. This flesh fed and nourished Abas who became the king of all dragons.
When Zeus kidnapped Europa; Cadmus, prince of Phoenicia, was sent out by his father to find her, and commanded not to return without her. Unsuccessful in his search, he came to Samothrace, the island sacred to the "Great Gods” Cadmus received instructions from the oracle to follow a cow that he would find near the oracle; where the cow lay down to rest, he should found a city. He followed the cow to the future site of Thebes. There he instructed his men to bring water so that he could offer a sacrifice to Athena. Abas, the Dragon of the Boeotia guard the area and kill Cadmus’s men. He received help from Prometheus and the Smith God Hephaestus, on the quest to slay this dragon. The weak and peaceful prince used the reflection from the shield of Abas for a surprise attack and the dragon was so taken aback that he gasped – which means he swallowed his own firing breath. Abas then spoke to him, prophesying that Cadmus himself would eventually become a serpent. That's the end of the dragon.
By the instructions of Athena, the teeth of the dragon were planted by Cadmus from which there sprang a race of fierce armed men, called the Spartoí. By throwing a stone among them, Cadmus caused them to fall upon one another until only five survived, became the founders of the noblest families of that city. With his soldiers, Cadmus founded Thebes (not the Egyptian Thebes). Before Cadmus died by the attack of these dragon-men, he realized his real mission of life: to capture sounds and make a written language, the Cadmean alphabet.


  1. Loved it . thanks for this story. CAn I have those soilders in the last picture?? I can help them train in something fun.



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