May fortune shine on you

To usher in a great year for I call upon the Great Goddess Tyche to gamblers everywhere she is Lady Luck.
Tyche is the Goddess of Fortune and Fate. She is known as Tyche of the Greeks and Fortuna of the Romans. Her name Tyche comes from the word tynchano which means “made to happen”. She is from the time of the Titans who ruled long before the Olympians came to be power. Her parents Tethys and Oceanus, she is an Oceanid and she draw upon the wisdom of the waters. She is all three of the Fates, Klotho, Atropos, and Lachesis, for all three make her, Tyche.
It is funny for compared to most Goddesses of mythology she have not great story, no myth, but yet had one of the largest cult followings among the Greeks, Romans, and gamblers. For her existence is based upon a concept. A concept that is both intrigued and inspired the ancient Greek poets and philosophers. It’s statement that represented not only fortune, but also luck, success and chance. It is said that the Theban Lyric poet Pidar is said to have originated the worship of her when he celebrated Tyche in verse. Through these verses she was given the title Pharopolis or Protectress of the Cities and towards the end of the 5th Century B.C. Tyche was believed to be the ruler of worldly affairs, sometimes even given more reverence that the almighty Zeus. Another famous philosopher, Anaxagoras said that Fortune is a cause unknown to human reason; for some things come by Necessity, some by fatal Destiny and others by deliberate counsel.
Yet Tyche, Fortune now known as fate, karma, chance, for does not one event in one’s life not affect the next, does not the spinning continue as one grows. Though her name is lost her concept remains. For she is the Fates, the Moirai, that unexpected event that changes the course of your mapped out path. Can you adjust to what She give you, can you become what you need to be even when her kindness turns unexpectedly harsh? Yet over all of this time do you not now know that your choices are what alter your fate, that even when She throw you a curb, or turn sharply, your choice can still give you the Fortune you desire, only maybe you get their by another path.
Work with her in your life, take chance and do not become another robot of politics, economics and media direction. Ride the waves of her sea, know the wisdom of the water and know her sisters in their stages to reach the dreams and goals you aspire to.
Know the concept of Tyche and incorporate her in you life. Expect the unexpected and rejoice with the outcome.

I hope the Goddess grants your wishes in forms:





  1. I do hop ethe god of your choice blesses you with bounty as well.

    I hope and pray for money and family healths.

    Happy New Year


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