Veteran Day freebies

Free for the Veterans!!!
These offers are available on Friday, November 11, for all veterans and active duty military personnel who can provide proof of military service. These guys and gals deserve them way more than us.
7-Eleven – Stop in to get a free small Slurpee between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Applebee’s – Free Signature Entree all day long.
Chili’s – Any lunch combo is free from 11am – 5pm.
Famous Dave’s – Each store is different (check out their site to see what yours is offering), but most are giving away a free Two Meat Salute.
Golden Corral – This year’s Military Appreciation Monday “thank you” dinner is on Monday, November 14 from 5pm – 9pm. It’s open to anyone who has ever served in the U.S. Military and no ID is required.
Hooters – They’re giving away 10 free wings, but a drink purchase is required.
Krispy Kreme – SOME locations are giving away free doughnuts. I’ve found a lot of regional news stations reporting this, but I can’t find anything official from Krispy Kreme, so it’s not a nationwide thing.
McCormick’s and Schmick’s – They’ll hold a Veterans Appreciation Event on Sunday, November 13 and only veterans get a free meal. Space is limited, but you can make a reservation.
Olive Garden – Six different entrees will be given away all day long.
Outback Steakhouse – Get a free Bloomin’ Onion and Coke now through Friday.
Shoney’s – Heroes can receive a free breakfast or lunch buffet with the purchase of a regularly priced buffet.
Subway – Again, there’s no official corporate offer since all Subways are franchises, but Subway’s official Twitter feed confirmed that many locations are offering a 6″ sub. They also say it’d be smart to call ahead to your local store to see if they’re participating. And do you know what I say?! Nothing. I can’t really add to this.
Texas Roadhouse – They have ten different dinner entrees to choose from.
T.G.I. Friday’s – They’re giving away a BOGO dinner on Friday night.
Tim Hortons – They’re giving out free Star Spangled Vanilla Dip donuts adorned with star-shaped sprinkles. Because everybody knows regular sprinkles are for chumps.
Uno Chicago Grill – Get 19.43% off any purchase. Why such an odd number? Well, as Uno explains it, that’s the year Uno was born! So … I still don’t really get it.


  1. You forgot one thing. MY HOUSE FOR FREE BLOW JOBS.



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