Creation of the Season of Fall

Fall has comes the Goddess Persephone leaves the Earth to join her husband King Hades in the Underworld. Demeter, Persephone's overprotective mother, weep for her daughter creating the season winter. How this begun?

In ancient time the world experience year-round of spring and summer and people never have to worry about starved death. Demeter, Goddess of the Agriculture and Fertility, reign over the green earth. She became lonely and wanted a child so she went to King Zeus. Zeus give her a child named Persephone this was before Zeus married Hera. Persephone was a wild child and with two parents that control the order of the universe she wanted to rebel. The more Demeter try to control her the more Persephone rebel.

One day Persephone ran away from home she had enough of Demeter's nagging her. She went to Sicily there she plan want to do next Persephone made camp near a stream and a field of flower. Meanwhile Hades visited the earth for annual report on Mount Olympus when he saw Persephone. He was immediately smitten by her and went over to her to talk. To found out they have a lot in common: wanting peace and quiet from the politics of Mount Olympus, to be themselves and avoid crazy relatives. Hades later left Persephone to go Mount Olympus to see King Zeus ask for her hand in marriage. Zeus was staying neutral but, his body language said yes Hades overjoyed but he forget to ask her mother, Demeter. Hades told Persephone that he wanted to marry her and she said yes. The couple went to the Underworld to prepare for their wedding.

While the events under-folded Demeter was searched for Persephone. She feared the worst she ask Hecate, Titan and Goddess of Magick, for help she suggest to go to Helios for help. They journey to the Eastern Palace of Light. They meet Helios before he set off for another day. He told Demeter that he saw Hades and Persephone go to the Underworld. Demeter saw red she mistook the info as Hades kidnapped Persephone!!!
She stormed to Mount Olympus and demand that her daughter be remain to her. Zeus tried to tell her that Hades wants to marry Persephone. Demeter was mortified she said: My daughter will not be held the pit of the Underworld. If she is not return to me THE EARTH WILL AND DIE!!!! Zeus tried to reason with her but hit a brick wall. He sent Hermes to the Underworld to explain to Hades and Persephone what is going on. Persephone was trying dishes for the wedding when she ate some pomegranates's seeds. The Ancient Laws of the Underworld state that anyone that eats the food of the underworld is bound to the underworld forever. Hermes with the couple told Demeter this. She hit the roof!! Hades, Persephone and Zeus make a deal Persephone will stay on earth with Demeter during the spring and summer months then she return to the Underworld for the fall and winter months. Demeter saw the wisdom in the deal she agreed to the deal as long as Hades visit them once in a while. The wedding went as plans all the gods came and there was not a dry eye except Demeter's in the ceremony. She knew that her daughter is happy with Hades.
During fall and winter Demeter goes on vacation visit the sights across the world and its farmers and nature lovers:


  1. Love the story thank fo rsharing it with us. The Men here are HOT. The one in the cave is Hades iwant to go with him.



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