Independent Woman I

Sisters can by themselves is true for this group of mighty, warrior women were the feared Amazons. The Amazons were a race of woman warriors that has not only appeared in Greek mythology, but also appeared in other cultures. The Amazons became popular subjects for writers and artists.They were fierce enemies or allies to many heroes in the classical myths.
From birth they were brought up to be warriors. Female children in the Amazons tribes were said to have their right breast seared during childhood to facilitate the use of a bow. This could be a myth due to the fact they could bind their breast to appear that they did to their enemies. Their main weapons were the bow, the librys (a double edged axe), and a crescent shaped shield. The Amazons were said to be able to tame and ride horses long before mainland Greece acquired the skill. The ability to ride on horseback gave them an obvious edge in battle and added mobility. Accounts as to the culture and rulership of the Amazons remain sketchy, however some sources say there were two Amazon queens; one who ruled over domestic affairs and one who ruled over battle and warfare. Conquests of the Amazons were throughout Greece, and their legacy of fierceness and triumphs in battle were noted by the Spartan leader Lycurgus as well as many Greeks.
 According to Diodorus, the Amazon's culture and customs were the exact opposite to that of normal day Greece and Atlantis. It was the men who worked in the domestic sphere of life, while the women partook of politics, the art of war, and who were required to serve in the army for several years during their adolescence. Diodorus states that only after a woman had finished her time within the army was she allowed procreative liberty. When a child was born, the men took care of the children, who depending on gender, were treated in differently. A boy would earn a routine and domestic existence.
The tale of Atlantis thus continues with the queen of the Amazons, Myrina, setting out to lay siege on Atlantis. The Amazons took the city of Cerne in Atlantis, and the Atlanteans bowed to their rule (with some resistance). The Atlanteans surrendered to Myrina, after she had captured one of their cities, called Cerne. The Amazons had razed Cerne, enslaving the women and the children. The Atlanteans in the other cities were frightened by the destruction of Cerne and surrendered. After the Amazons took over they were expected to kill the Gorgons from the west who were constantly attacking Atlantis.
Diodorus doesn't portray the Gorgons as monsters who could turn every living creature into stone, just by looking into their faces. No. The Gorgons were like the Amazons in many ways. The Gorgons were warriors, who displayed manly prowess in war.
The Atlanteans asked the Amazons for help against the Gorgons. So a deadly battle was fought between two different races of woman warriors. In the end, Myrina and the Amazons emerged victors against the Gorgons. The surviving Gorgons fled back to their land.
The Amazons had captured over 3000 Gorgon warriors as prisoners. Myrina attempt to pursue and destroy the surviving Gorgons in their own land had failed. So she returned home with their captives.
The guards became lax in their duties, so the captive Gorgons managed to arm themselves, killing many Amazons. However, the Amazons managed to put down the rebellion, and killed every last captive. Large pyres were erected and the tombs built for the fallen comrades, which was called the "Amazon Mounds". Eventually it took Perseus to finish off the Gorgons.
Today the Amazonian spirits lies within women who don’t let male society control them. They broke tradition and try to change the world for women’s rights and leadership.


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