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Happy New Year Everyone. I decide to start to do some Egyptian and Middle-Eastern mythologies to take a break from Greek-Roman mythology. I am starting with Atum
Atum, the creator of life
Atum (alternatively spelt Tem, Temu, Tum, and Atem) is an early deity in Egyptian mythology, his cult centered on the Ennead of Heliopolis. Originally associated with the earth, Atum gradually became considered to be the sun, as it passes the horizon. The separateness of the two instances per day that this occurs, lead to the aspect of Atum that was young, namely the rising sun, becoming considered a separate god, named Nefertum (literally meaning young Atum), and consequently Atum became mainly understood as the setting sun.

In the Ennead cosmogeny, he was considered to be the first god (The Creator), having arisen by his own force himself, sitting on a mound (benben), from the primordial waters (Nu). Early myths state that Atum created the god Shu and goddessTefnut from his semen by masturbation in the city of Annu (the Egyptian name for Heliopolis), some egyptologist believe strongly associated with Atum's nature as an hermaphrodite (his name meaning completeness). Strictly, the myth states that Atum ejaculated his Semen into his mouth, impregnating himself, possibly indicating autofellatio, which has lead many to misinterpret (euphemistically) the myth as indicating creation from mucus).
Later belief held that Shu and Tefnut were created by Atum having sex with his shadow, which was referred to as Iusaaset (also spelt Juesaes, Ausaas, Iusas, and Jusas, and in Greek as Saosis), meaning (the) great (one who) comes forth. Try censor the myth or think that both sex was need to create life.  Consequently, Iusaaset was seen as the mother and grandmother of the gods. The strength, hardiness, medical properties, and edibility, lead the acacia tree to be considered the tree of life, and thus the oldest, which was situated close to, and north of, Heliopolis, was said to be the birthplace of the gods. Thus, as the mother, and grandmother, of the gods, Iusaaset was said to own this tree.According to an ancient Egyptian myth, the creator god Atum, being alone in the world, stimulated his penis and swallowed his own semen. By spitting it out again, he produced the first female and the first male.
Autofellatio is a sex act wherein a male performs oral sex on himself as a form of masturbation. This is impossible for most men, but can be achieved by one both sufficiently "well-endowed", and flexible enough to perform a severe frontbend. On the other hand, flexibility, and thus the likelihood of achieving this, may be increased by various activities including gymnastics or yoga
Very Important, Stretching!
If you want to effectively suck your own penis it's a good idea to begin with some simple stretching exercises that will help improve your flexibility. Important areas to target are the legs, lower back, upper back and neck.
Begin by stretching out your legs. Lay down on a comfortable surface, with your legs fully extended and reach forward as far as is comfortable. While there should be slight discomfort, please do not put yourself in pain. Hold this for 10 seconds, release, breath, and repeat five more times.
The next technique stretches your back and neck. Stand up, clasp your fingers together and try to touch your toes all while trying to touch your neck to your chest. Hold this for 10 seconds, release, breath, and repeat five times.
Ok, So Now, How Do I Do It?The key for autofellatio is getting your penis in your mouth or close enough to your tongue to lick. As I mentioned earlier two important factors are penis length and or flexibility. You can easily make up for flexibility with penis length and vice versa. Below are a few techniques I personally use.
The first one is commonly referred to as the "X" technique. Sit on your butt, and then place your legs behind your head one at a time. Now roll onto your back. At this point your legs should both be behind your head so you're looking at your crotch. Your arms should be free and at your sides. You can use your upper body strength to pull on your butt to get closer to your penis.
The next technique involves simply standing and bending your neck down in order to suck your own penis. This is the most commonly tried technique but by far the hardest. It's mostly used in autofellatio movies because of the good viewpoint and angle.
The final technique involves lying on your back, and taking your legs behind your head, and placing your hands on your butt. The weight of your legs pushes down on your back. Try to have your hands out above your head to control how far you roll. You don't want to hurt yourself.
Here is the Gift of the Great God Atum

Here is the link to practice auto-fellatio


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